Auto HI-FI Belgrade

Address: 3f Zadrugarska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2192-554, 2107-306, 064/33-68-289, 066/265-737

4.5/ 5stars

Alarm Service Gile, is located in Zemun, in the street Zadrugarska 3f. We are present for many years in sales and installation of car alarms, audio and Hi-Fi components for automobiles, air conditioning equipment and systems for video surveillance. Car alarms - Excalibur, Enforcer, Shcorpion, Cobra, Vision NEW, perfect system of protection for cars. There is a DIRECT TO SPINDLE VOLANA. When installing the spindle is not damaged, STEERING WHEEL kept popping up and the system can not connect CAR ON ELECTRONICS! FOUR YEARS IN WHICH been recorded Nl A case of theft, Nl claim for any cause, while the quality of the system itself WITNESSES and prestigious awards such as the Academy Award for best protection CARS IN 2006, 2007 and 2008. The system does not disturb the CAR INTERIOR. FOR THEIR USE USE ONLY KEY MOVES Locks special design. LOCK CAN NOT BE Comb, crush, Nl Deactivate W ANY WAY OTHER THAN USING KEY. SPECIAL SECURITY GRANTS AND FACT that the lock / FULL MECHANICAL (excluding the possibility LOCKING ONLY), AND TO THAT I HAVE THE KEY IM UNLIMITED NUMBER COMBINATION WHY NEM / REPETITION SERIES. From the above it follows that, in spite of an incorporated HER PAW SYSTEM NOT LOSING TO NEW MOBILE GARANCUA. Alarm systems for facilities operate on the principle of the sensor. Mainly used motion sensor (95%). Motion sensor (PARADOX, CROW, DSC) protects the area from 6 -13 feet in front of you with an angle to capture 110 degrees, at 2.5 m height.