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Address: 39 Gundulicev venac st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/1133-172, 065/3373-572

4/ 5stars

Cafe bar ASIK CLUB is located in the heart of Belgrade in Dorcol, in a building that's under the protection of the state and rectorate. In this place there's always been a tavern. Before the war it was called DVA BRATA and after BIFE TEKSTILAC.

Around 20 years before the name was changed to Requiem when Ksenija Zecevic composed Reqiem for Nikola Tesla. At the time it was the meeting place for Serbian artists and bohemians. Such names as Steva Zigon, Jasa Grobarov, Olivera Katarina used to come and drink here. After three years we reopened under the name of ASIK CLUB with the new concept and offer.

The interior of the cafe bar ASIK CLUB exhudes warmth and pleasant atmosphere and our kind and professional staff is always there to meet and host you. From spring to fall all our guests can enjoy the beautiful garden which is tucked away in the shade of ancient trees.

ASIK club is the ideal place for the perfect start of the day when you're enjoying a cup of coffee and newspaper. In addition to our standard offer we'd like to highlight our sweetest coffees (snickers, mars, bounty, raphaelo) with the addition of syrup we make in-house.

We are a great choice for the best night out. All visitors of our cafe can enjoy live music of rock, blues and country genre. We want to give everyone something they can enjoy.

Once you drop by our cafe ASIK CLUB, the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and our excellent offer will make you want to return as soon as possible