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Address: 4 Nemanjina st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3629-109, 3610-783, 063/144-74-54

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MEGASUN: Solarium + manicure + wax + SUNCAFFE ...
MEGASUN solariums have become imperative for quality, comfort and superior tanning services. In our study awaits comfort with the music and tanning in a solarium MEGASUN latest-generation equipped: - AIR - Aroma (birch, strawberries ...) - clean air - AQVA COOL-om (two special sprinklers that emit water vapor, and therefore have a refreshing and revitalizing effect) - MEGA VOICE (a pleasant voice that guides you through the menu - functions for using a sunbed) - LEG TANNER-om (special effects tamnenja feet) - BRENER-LAMP for the face and chest, shoulders and neck. - The study MegaSun are available two lying, one standing solarium and a large selection of sunscreen in the tanning bed. - Using a cream intended to solarium, protect it and give it moisture, increase the results of the session and allows you to quickly turn black, and that your color lasts longer. - Combine tanning in a solarium standing and lying down because that way you avoid the difference - the whiteness of the the axillary region, between the legs, the shoulders and above the buttocks.
NEW! Due to the interest of clients we have expanded our range of services, including the offer of now we have: - PROFESSIONAL waxing - STRENGTHENING NAILS PROFESSIONAL MANICURE - NAIL EXTENSION - chiropody AND PERMANENT FRENCH (to artificial and natural nails) - PROFESONAL MASSAGE ... - COLD AND WARM WAXING
* You expect a warm and professional staff * affordable price (weekend off, happy days, hit the extra packages ...) * After 10 session - FREE - THAT'S WHAT YOU ALL WANT!
NOTE: - The basics of solariums is that as the sun helps the skin to activate vitamin D. The creation of this vitamin is a reaction to the attack UV radiation. Sunlight SKIN IS THE BEST PROTECTION FROM THE SUN - Reasonable tanning in a solarium can improve the health condition, mood, and even solve many skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis ... - Correct way of going to the solarium and maintenance of color is poduslov the health and well-preserved skin. - Solarium gives you the possibility to control the intensity and time of a session that best suits your skin type. - NOTE THAT YOUR SKIN TYPE - (from the date of the table that is in our studio for tanning) To determine the optimal time for sunbathing. - During the treatment, or after them, enjoy and refresh with a drink from our cafe - SUNCAFFE is an ideal place for a complete delight!
- Studio MegaSun and Suncaffe are air-conditioned - Enjoy a pleasant ambience * comfortable tanning studio wishes MegaSun * suncaffe you want a pleasant time with a good drink!
ADDRESS: Nemanjina 4 (corner of Nemanja and Sarajevo streets) PLACE: Stari Grad, Centar, Belgrade TEL: MegaSun 011 3629-109 SunCaffe 011 3610-783 063 144-74-54 OPENING HOURS: Every day from 09h - 23h SunCaffe from 08h - 23h EMAIL: