Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 43 Karadjordjeva st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 062/8711-475, 064/2285-055
E-mail: dzezbasta@gmail.com
Website: www.jazzbasta.com

4.5/ 5stars

What is the "Jazz Garden"?

At 43 Karađorđeva street there is a building whose construction began back in 1870.  It grew older and eventually the walls cracked, hide a space that we have with no trouble turned into a place for relaxation called "Jazz Garden". The entrance to this little hedonistic paradise is located on the top of the stairs that lead from Branko's Bridge on the Sava Quay.

"The Garden" is full of warm emotions, radiates positive energy and its timeless spirit reminiscent of the ancient romantic year. Tucked in a charming neighborhood (Savamala), "Jazz Garden" boasts a unique selection of cocktails and wine, and above all, great jazz music.

Old heritage walls woven from secret, cleverly disguised, the ingredients for happiness. Try to find them tucked while listening to jazz, drinking wine or cocktails and eat goat cheese, prosciutto and olives.

Throughout the year, the space can be used for business meetings and private parties and weddings.

Dorm One Hostel is the first urban hostel in Belgrade. It is located in the vibrant nightlife and cultural area Savamala. It is easy to reach, only minutes away from the main bus and train station. From the airport the bus line 72 stops at the Branko's bridge station, just across the street where the hostel is.

Experience the spirit of building built in 1870, the vibes of an old club that entice you to dance and creativity that permeates the whole Savamala urban district in the heart of Belgrade. The redesigned industrial night club interior, cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will definitely make your stay unforgettable.

Hostel is spacious with capacity of 20 beds. We offer: 8 bed mixed dorm, 6 bed mixed dorm, 4 - bed room, double bed room and private room. The wide, interestingly designed common area and rooms have an astonishing view over the Branko's bridge and the Sava River, which makes the whole ambient even more appealing. Cozy sofas situated next to the large windows give you opportunity to enjoy the view and city atmosphere even if weather is not as nice as you would like it.

Hostel offers free WiFi access, computer corner, as well as complimentary towels, bed linen, maps and tours. Laundry service and breakfast are on request.

The garden of the hostel, which can be used during the morning and afternoon, transforms into a lovely jazz bar "Bašta" in the evening.

Visit us, we will be pleased to host you.


Spacious common area
Fully equipped kitchen
WiFi and computer
Free towels and linens
Free walking tour
Shared bathroom
Breakfast, on request
Laundry service on request
Airport transfer, on request



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