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Beauty @ Home is not only concerned with external appearance and characteristics that make you seem attractive on the surface, but tends to uniquely highlight your inner beauty. We're looking for a unique harmony of grace and confidence of those with radiance that emanates from the eyes and makes you special and unique in the eyes of the whole world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore can not be the essence of the outward appearance, but in personality that it reflects. That "general, perfect beauty" which we so often seek is only an abstract concept. The true beauty is made up of mind, body and spirit ... Beauty @ Home helps women to realize their dreams and be happy and nice to themselves and their environment. Beauty @ Home is available to all who wish to express their aesthetic qualities. Whether you openly show, we all want to be beautiful and to show his best. We want to look more beautiful and at the same time not lose the one thread that our appeal makes it unique, without losing its essence, a personal touch, what makes us special and original.

If you like our vision, it's Beauty @ Home is the place for you and we wish you a warm welcome ...

Eyelash - Xtreme Lashes ®

1 Semi-permanent lashes can last indefinitely with re-adding lashes every 2-4 weeks.
2 They have no weight and provide a natural look and feel
3 Painless, relaxing procedure that only takes 90 to 150 minutes. Re-add eyelashes takes only 30 minutes
4 They are resistant to water, so you can be worry-free swimming and taking a bath.
5 Extends and thickens lashes, so you don't need mascara.

WAKE UP thrilled with your current transformations!


Permanent cosmetic makeup is a process in which the paint is permanently injected into the dermal layer of the skin using thin needles soaked in hypoallergenic pigment (inorganic pigment). The pigments are extracted from plant products that are either pre-mixed or were manually mixed to produce a wide range of colors that will later be made available to clients. Dye binds to skin cells and can be seen through the translucent outer layer. This makeup lasts 4-7 years.

Some of the most common procedures include permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow Japan, drawing the contours of the lips and fill in the entire lip area.