Beauty salons Belgrade

Address: 1 Vojvode Vlahovica st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3960-457, 063/8175-825, 065/695-72-75

4.5/ 5stars

Unique beauty studio is located at 1 Vojvode Vlahovica street near the turnabout for the bus line 26 in Brace Jerkovic, Belgrade. A decade of dedicated work, vast work experience and dedication let us offer you the complete cosmetics service in one place.

We offer the following services:

- Eyebrow drawing using the Japanese method
- Silk eyelashes
- Cosmetic treatments
- Face rejuvenation
- Microdermal abrasion
- Derma pen ( a kind of mesiotherapy )
- Hair removal
- Massage
- Anti-cellulite program
- Pedicure (aesthetic and medicinal)
- Manicure
- Nail (gel and acrylic)
- Paraffin package

Japanese method of eyebrow drawing.

Eyebrows frame our face. Every woman surely wants to avoid the boring lining every morning and just have beautifully lined eyebrows. If you have sparse eyebrows or badly shaped ones with scar spots or any other imperfection then the Japanese method is the solution for you. This technique gives you a natural look without plucking.

Hair removal:

Waxing at our salon will not be an unpleasant experience even if you have delicate skin. We use the highest quality wax that makes your skin soft and smooth. With the after-waxing products we use there will be no skin irritation.

Facial myolifting:

Facial myolifting is a treatment that revitalizes and regenerates skin and under-skin tissue, improving elasticity and freshness of the skin. It reduces bags under your eyes, reduces wrinkles, scars, hyper-pigmentation and tightens the facial muscles.

Cosmetic facial treatments

Depending on what the treatment you need we can recommend you the best choice to either refresh your skin and/or nurture and treat it.


Massage has positive effects on the psychological and physical state of your body. The muscles regain strength, making your joints more mobile, reduces swelling and reduces stress.

Paraffin package:

If your hands are damaged from your work we offer paraffin packages that will restore their softness, elasticity and beautiful appearance.

Working hours:

Workdays: 10AM - 8PM
Saturdays: 9AM - 4PM