Beauty salons Belgrade

Address: 59 Prvomajska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/484-96-97

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The newly opened studio beauty LADY 9, at 59 Prvomajska street, in Zemun.

We provide the following services:

- 790rsd - cavitation.

Ultrasonic cavitation involves non-invasive, painless, safe and quick method by which alternative liposuction without surgery removes fat cells, cellulite. and tightens koza.Ono most important thing is that the results are visible after the first treatment. Treatment area passes through a special probe through which ultrasound waves penetrate into the subcutaneous adipose tissue and cells selectively disrupt fat cells, and when it does not damage the surrounding healthy tissue.

The secret of this revolutionary machine breakdown and permanent removal of fat cells is in a specific ultrasonic frequency to react exclusively by fat cells. Solid turns into liquid fat cells, thus allowing their easy removal from the body.

- Electro-stimulation - 470rsd.

- Anti-cellulite massage 500rsd.

    * anti-cellulite serum 700rsd.

- Partial massage 600rsd.

    * chocolate with oil 800rsd.

- Facial massage gel

    * Collagen and elastin 500rsd.

- Relax massage 1000rsd

    * chocolate with oil 1200rsd.

- Massage Chair 250rsd. (30 min.)

- Shiatsu massage 2000rsd

- Sports massage 800rsd. (30 min.)

- Therapeutic Massage 1200rsd. (45 min.)

- Chiropractic 2000rsd.

Our working time:
Mondays from 15h to 21h, all other days (and weekends) from 11am to 21h.