Beauty salons Belgrade

Address: 122b Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 064/3424-924

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SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR PENSIONERS - pedicure 600.00 portala. ">For visitors from a free nail polish after manicure or pedicure.

Secret Beauty studio is located at 122b Pozeska Street, at the corner with Nikolai Gogol street on Ban's hill in Belgrade and offers all kinds of beauty services in one place, with professional treatment, care and services tailored to your needs. In the pleasant surroundings of our study you will be welcomed by professional and friendly staff that is using the highest quality cosmetics that achieves maximum results.

Perfectly groomed nails and good hand care give a positive image to your personality. In line with current trends, salon Beauty Studio Secret offers excellent treatment for your nails as artificial nails with the help of special gels, nail, nail art, as well as foot care with the painting and putting gel color.

To all the ladies who want a perfect looking nails on the hands and feet, we provide top quality manicure and pedicure treatment. In our work we use only the highest PROFESSIONAILS gels and techniques that will make your nails look perfect at all times.

While for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair, beauty salon Secret offers treatment waxing. Recycled wax is used for arms and legs, while the private parts wax used once.

Also, for the face use disposable wax that dissolves in a special apparatus. After waxing treatments applied aloe gel that relieves irritation and helps skin epithelialization.

With the desire to offer you the excellent treatment for your skin and nails, Secret beauty studio offers the following services:

Foot and Hand Care
* Pedicure
* Semi Pedicure
* Manicure
* Semi manicure
* Coating Nolte

Nail Art Technique
* Strengthening of natural nails
* Nail extension
* Chiropody

* Eyebrow correction
* Upper lip depilation
* Hair Removal chin
* Hair removal whole leg
* Half leg depilation
* Depilation of the whole hand
* Hair Removal half-arm
* Hair Removal stomach
* Depilation armpits

Hair Removal intime
* Hair Removal poles diaphragm
* Hair Removal deep diaphragm
* Hair Removal Brazillian
* Hair Removal Butt

Men's waxing
* Hair removal whole leg
* Half leg depilation
* Back Hair Removal
* Hair Removal shoulders

* Relaxation Massage 30min
* Relaxation Massage 40min
* Relax massage 1h
* Partial massage
* Anti-cellulite massage 1.tretman
* Anti-cellulite massage 10tretmana
* Massage with peeling 1h FULL BODY

* Classic facial treatment

professional makeup
* Professional makeup

Working time:
- Monday - Friday: 09h-20h
- Weekend: 9h-15h

Contact phone:
064/342 49 24

Secret Beauty studio, Banovo Brdo, Beograd.

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