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  • Bus: 31, E9
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"Bubamara" (Ladybug) hair salon is located in the center of the city and is the perfect choice for all your nail care needs. The pleasant ambiance of our salon will make your stay here a delight and our kind and highly professional staff will do everything to make sure your feet and hands shine. Let's not forget - well cared for hands and nails are one of the first features that others notice.

We offer you the services of expert medical pedicure as well as classic manicure and pedicure treatments.

The manicure will make sure your hands and nails are perfectly cared for while our high quality pedicure will remove any feet problems you may have.

We are experts in taking care of in-grown nails.

Though up until recently this problem could've only been taken care of surgically, the latest VHO method and ORTOGRIP method enables us to resolve it painlessly and its application allows for almost immediate relief. Even though this methods require implanting a VHO - Osthold-Spange-Perfect clasp and ORTOGRIP professional prostheses into the nail in case of extremely ingrown, inflamed or infected nails the pain is minimal and the patient is immediately ready to walk, do sports or any other activity. The minimal pain throughout the treatment is achieved without anesthetics and anyone who has ever had this done with us will gladly recommend the procedure.

Only the highest quality personnel trained in pedicure techniques can perform this technique.

Give us your trust, come and visit us.

Your "Bubamara" salon. 

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