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Attending the course requires no prior experience.

Talent is only a small part of success - you also need enthusiasm and a desire for discoveries and experimentation.

If you would like to develop your talent and enter the world of beauty and creativity, then this is the right offer for you! It is time to turn your talent into a bright future. With our professional educators you can learn the most popular trade in the world of beaty and cosmetology.

We offer the opportunity to attend the lessons either in groups or individually.


During the course our trainees pass through a theoretical and practical education. During practical lessons we use products from famous global brands and use the highest quality tools which allows for a quality education.

After completing the training they pass the final exam in front of a comission in theory and practice and are from then on able to work on their own.

You can get the certificate translated to English which is accepted abroad for work on cruisers.

Permanent makeup - eyebrows

Training consists of:

- Theory (learning about the material)
- Washing (washing and package)
- Work technology (aesthetics and dermatology)
- Blow drying
- Coloring (catalog color system)
- Hair cutting (modern technique)
- Highlights
- Various hair styles for all occassions.

Men's hair styling:

Training consists of:

- Hair washing
- Hair cutting using scissors and machine
- Men's hair styles
- Beard trimming


Massage techniques include: anti-cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, athletic massage, relax masage, therapeutic massage

Facial treatment

We include following techniques in our cosmetician training course:
- Preparing required tools and materials
- Determining skin types
- Applying cosmetics products (peeling, masks, serums and creams)
- Applying apparature cosmetics (heat masks, micro-dermal abrasion, D'arsonval)
- Basic and derived massage


Full training includes aesthetic and medicinal pedicure. Training program includes: nails and nail region care, removing ceratin deposits, processing in-grown nails, warts and bunions.


Training consists of:

- Face and body hygiene
- Using makeup brushes
- Toning and contouring faces
- Eye shapes
- Shading
- Makeup any occassion or time of day.

Sugar paste

Training consists of:

- Learning about work material
- Work technique
- Practical part

Silk eyelashes

Training inlcudes: 1 on 1 eyelashes and Russian volume!

- Theory
- Practice