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Beauty salon “Ela’s corner” located in the heart of Vracar can easily become your favorite corner – the place where care comes before beauty.
Our clients, women and men alike, know that Ela’s corner primarily offers long-term care services, which is how beauty is made.

If you would like to be noticed for your glowing complexion, toned body and neat nails, let our team of experts who have been training in this area for years and doing it with a lot of love and attention.

“Ela’s corner” owns the latest apparatus in the field of facial cosmetics and products from renown cosmetic houses because years of experience has proven that they have high quality products in their brands.

This is why we offer our clients the best care by combining products from various high-quality brands.
By letting our salon care for you, you will save time because you’ll be able to get various excellent services including manicure, pedicure and waxing in one place.

In addition, at our salon you can get advice from our doctor who gives professional mesiotherapy treatments.
She will give you realistic assessments and use the highest quality materials which she will open in front of you, so you’ll know that they are sterile.


- Classical hygienic treatments
- Half-treatments of refreshment and hydration (we recommend they be done in a series of 5 treatments, one per week)
- Micro-dermal and oxygen treatment, so-called Madonna treatment
- Ultrasound treatments
- Fruit acid treatments
- Micro-dermal pen
- Silk eyelash extensions (very light cashmere eyelashes that simulate the natural and beautiful appearance of the eye)
- Russian volume (coming soon)
- Mesiotherapy

- Extended home care
- Manicure
- Lasting nail polish
- Chiropody and nail art
- Pedicure aesthetic and medical
- Waxing (full and partial)
- Professional makeup


ELIN KUTAK Beauty salons Beograd
ELIN KUTAK Beauty salons Beograd
ELIN KUTAK Beauty salons Beograd