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Epil Studio is a cosmetic salon in the center of Zemun which offers laser epilation services.

Epilation is a procedure which uses lasers – an intensive beam of light – to permanently remove unwanted hair from the body. Strong heat destroys hair strands in their root, thus preventing their reappearance. In order for epilation to be successful, it usually takes 4-5 treatments. Come and see – we guarantee results!

Epil studio uses a diode medical laser of the latest generation which has all the required certificates of quality (CE and the German TUV certificate).

The laser epilation is done by professional medical staff.

We use the laser to remove hair in the armpit and face region as well as arms and legs. But of course we can treat hair on any part of the body, except near the eyelids.

The treatment is painless and gives permanent results, the hairs will not return.

Everything regarding laser epilation and the preparation required can be found at our website:

Armpit epilation

The skin in the armpits is a delicate region so it should be treated with care. This is why at Epil Studio we use medical touch-based laser that is fully certified.

Already after the first couple of treatments you will note a significant difference in the amount of hair, while after 4 or 5 treatments it will go away forever. The skin in the armpit area will become smooth and will have no ingrown hair or irritation that can occur when using a razor.

Many wonder if laser use is safe and if it affects lymph glands.

Don’t worry. The laser epilation breaches only 6mm into the skin, while the glands are situated much deeper.

Crotch epilation

Epilation for the crotch and bikini zone is very popular, which is why it’s important that it’s done in a safe, comfortable and efficient way.

This skin region is susceptible to ingrown hair which can be a very unpleasant and painful experience.

The epilation in that case is also a therapy for ingrown hair because the laser destroys that hair’s follicle.

Facial epilation
Even though facial hair is considered a male issue that demands almost daily shaving, many women also struggle with unwanted facial hair. For some this is just fine hair above the lip, for others it is chin hair or sideburns. For some women there is an increase of facial hair after pregnancy or when entering menopause, when the organism experiences various hormonal changes. In any case, facial laser epilation is an excellent solution if you’d like to get rid of these hairs.


Silk eyelashes are the ideal solution for a gaze that everyone will notice. Give yourself thick and beautiful eyelashes which look amazing in any occassion.


The main difference is that silk eyelashes are much easier to wear, they put a lot less pressure on your natural lashes. Seeing how they're made of silk, these eyelashes are also glossier and have a nicer, more intense color. They come in various dimensions and give a fully natural look.


The extensions are completely painless. The first application lasts 1-2 hours and during that time you can have a nice rest. Around 60-80 eyelashes are implanted per eye, by sticking a silken eyelash onto each of your natural lashes. Because of this kind of precise procedure the end result is natural and the transition between the silk and natural eyelashes is invisible.

At the end of the treatment the eyelashes are coated with a special fixator for better durability. The extensions are resistant to absolutely all exterior factors.


It is not – we use a special hypoallergenic glue which is completely safe, even for those with sensitive eyes. In addition, the glue doesn’t ever touch the eyelids, it is only applied to your lashes.


After you have had the extensions, you will find that you no longer need a mascara because your eyes will look beautiful on their own 24h a day.

If you still wish to apply mascara, you can but it should not be the water-proof kind and it should only be applied to the tips of the eyelashes. All other makeup can be put on normally.


It’s very important not to get them wet for the first 12h, to make sure the glue has dried properly. This is why activities such as swimming or sauna are not recommended on the first day after the extensions. There are no other special care requirements, other than the fact that you shouldn’t rub your eyes too hard to make sure they last longer.


Around a month. After 20-30 days, when your natural eyelashes begin to shed is when it’s advisable to come for correction.


Mesiotherapy is a medical technique that injects active substances using micro-needles into the sub-dermal tissue of the skin for the purpose of treatment and aesthetics. The founder of mesiotherapy method, the French doctor Pistor, patented it back in 1952. Therefore mesiotherapy has been used for over 60 years in treating pain, sports injuries, aesthetic medicine, hydration, wrinkle reduction and pigmentation removal.

Before the treatment itself the skin is disinfected. We use the smallest needles so that the punctures are not painful. With every needle inserted into the middle layer of the skin we inject a small amount of chemicals – about a drop full. The goal is to evenly distribute the ingredients across the entire surface of the skin. Mild redness and minor swelling are possible after the procedure, only lasting for a few hours. After mesiotherapy we apply a herbal cream which sooths the skin. No recovery time is required.

Mesiolift and mesoglow are mesiotherapy treatments using various chemical cocktails which stimulate the skin cell metabolism and slow down the ageing process. Mesoglow is intended for regeneration of the skin and wrinkle prevention. It involves injecting multivitamin, silicium, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients using the micro-injection method. The number of treatments depends on the desired goal. Already after the first treatment the skin will be visibly fresher and tighter, while a series of 3-4 treatments over a week will result in increased skin elasticity. Mesoglow is a light, non-surgical procedure which visibly slows the skin aging process and introduces anti-oxydants, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids into the skin in order to nourish, protect and regenerate it. This increases production of collagen and elastene and stimulates skin regeneration.


EPIL STUDIO Beauty salons Beograd
EPIL STUDIO Beauty salons Beograd
EPIL STUDIO Beauty salons Beograd

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