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SKEYNDOR is a Spanish company with tradicijum over 50 years specializing in the production of the highly professional cosmetics .

The combination of classic and contemporary knowledge of technology and research in the field of cosmetology and dermatology , and a combination of highly concentrated and effective natural substances are set SKEYNDOR the top of the world of professional cosmetics .

Winners are mnogobrajnih awards including awards from the Association for European cosmetic innovation stem cells in nanolipozomima Eternal lines and Corrective line for the best anti-age product was

STUDIO SKEYNDOR - is located near the Hotel Metropol.

Our main business is the face and body prestigious cosmetic company Skeyndor the Spanish .

The team of experts consisting of senior estheticians beauticians and dermatologists .

The presence of the promotion of their products all over the world , that in our country , is reserved for clients who are professionals in the service of beauty and the concept of quality and the introduction of new highly efficient products and treatments .. how science is always moving forward , our goal is to follow world trends and find and offer innovative and effective products for which quality can guarantee .

The pleasant atmosphere and staff enjoy the traveling trophy Skeyndor treatments.

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- Body treatments
- Spa program
- Manicure
- Pedicure
- Waxing
- Professional Makeup
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Mesotherapy - Skeyndor

Mesotherapy is a modern technique used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology in two modes : needles or without (virtual mesotherapy ) . For the development of an efficient apparatus for mesotherapy without needles , Spanish house Skeyndor hired renowned manufacturer of medical equipment for the procedure applied scientific discoveries crowned Nobel Prize in hemiju.U Skeyndor Mesoscinence camera application is found and the discovery of water channels , mechanisms and structures of ion channels that are Peter Agree and Roderick MacKinnon won the Nobel prize for Chemistry 2003rd godine.Sve this enables mezoterapijske pins, which many women left their traumatic experiences , replacing the non-invasive method : through the skin gels are applied with the active substances through which it passes gently different therapeutic sondama.Mezoterapija is performed using small amounts of active ingredients that instantly come to intradermal layers. With a very small amount can produce significant effects that would otherwise require much larger quantities of products.

Mesofiler - delivers hyaluronic acid deeply under the skin, filling in wrinkles from the inside , with an instant lifting effect.

Mesoslim - dissolves the membrane of fat cells , whose contents , then naturally removed from the body , which has the effect of alleviating as looking " orange peel " in the treatment of cellulite.

Mesofirming regenerates collagen and is ideal for those who want to reduce the volume and tension of the body, after diet after pregnancy ...

Mesobright treatment made for lightening skin areas with hyperpigmentation . Its active ingredients equate the color, soften dark spots and delay their recurrence . Content rich in vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis , which activates the natural defense system and enhances skin firmness . Lightens the skin and makes the complexion look even and level sjajno.Na epidermis provides the recovery of cells , softens the horny layer of the skin , making the skin velvety and through it much easier to pass the active substance. At the dermal level , stimulates the renewal of collagen and elastin , and hipodermalnom level - the microcirculation .

Although the effect is seen immediately after the first treatment, the need for complete success is a series of several treatments .

With the ultrasound ŠPATULA - Skeyndor

DP -110 PLUS ULTRASONIC - Ultrasonic Spatula disposition of highly appreciated by the professionals aesthetics. It is a device that is used a lot and gives excellent results in the treatment for the face.

The technique is based on a combination of mechanical and electrical vibrations , frequency 25,000 vibrations per second , with 6 speakers , promoted Sonoforesis .

Penetrating effect of ultrasound and deep cleans the skin is massaged Simultaneously . The cells in the deeper layers receive strong stimulation.

Achieved excellent results in cleaning the skin and treat wrinkles , pimples and blemishes . The skin becomes luminous , clear and elastic.

With this ultrasonic spatula can achieve different effects :

Hygiene : It is not aggressive procedure whose purpose is to improve the appearance of skin, pore dilation corrected , remove the cell surface by removing dirt and micro-particles that can accumulate over time .

Regeneration: Improves Surface Renew Face . Ultrasound therapy is used to prevent the signs of aging skin : wrinkles , spots , relaxation , scars, stretch marks , and , in general , to improve the appearance of skin.

Sonoforesis : Consists of supustanci entering the body through the ultrasound energy ; process is similar popstupku high frequency current , with the difference that into the body of the whole molecule. These molecules in the tissue modifying , which is the goal of treatment , the substance that is naturally occurring chemical processes interfere with other existing elements in the body. In essence, it is a treatment that uses ultrasound to facilitate the penetration of active principles nanosekoji surface for this procedure applied scientific discoveries crowned with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry .


Professional treatment for the prevention and correction of mimic wrinkles that gives fast results with this patented , innovative combination of ingredients - synthetic snake venom that relieves muscle contraction , the main culprit for the creation of mimic wrinkles .

In combination with hyaluronic acid, a specific mixture of plants that the effect of filling wrinkles and preventing new ones.

SPA WORLD Asia - Hong Kong Award for the best anti-aging prepearat in 2012


[ Progen - in]


Professional lifting treatment which is based on [ Progen - in] Skeyndor technology developed in the laboratory. Treatment is aimed at Marger aging progerin and it is an effect of facial lift , fullness of the face and chin reduction .

An innovative treatment with the latest technology which achieves rapid effects .


Professional treatment ETERNAL LINE contains stem cells extracted from the fruit of green apples. Fully regenerates , revitalizes , rejuvenates and firms the skin and thus creating a natural and long-lasting lifting effect .


Line Natural Defense is intended care of mature skin . The products contain a perfect blend of vitamins , amino acids and proteins that help fight wrinkles, moisturizes and firms the skin and encourage skin's natural protection

B.B tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer that has the effect of covering the irregularities on the skin with anti-aging and soothing effect. Protects against UV rays. It nourishes the skin , evens , checkmate and gives the skin a radiant look.


Aquatherm Skeyndor 's product line made with thermal water from Salies - de - Bearn , sources in the French Pyrenees . If used daily it progressively returned to normal sensitive skin , restoring balance and setting up the metabolism of the epidermal barrier function again , to protect the skin from harmful environmental effects .


Urban White is part of a new generation of treatments for skin whitening , depigmentacijiskih biological agents that act directly on the mechanism of production of pigment.


The line for lighter skin hyperpigmentation and refreshments with a high concentration of vitamin C.


This program is specially designed for skin with traces of birth, scars , blemishes or defects , each of which must be renewed on a different , special way. Has the properties of renewal, regeneration and healing


The unique combination of five types of treatment peels - mechanical , chemical , enzymatic , and biological exciting ultrasonic .
Basic professional treatment designed for the complete regeneration of the skin in order to achieve a more uniform appearance of the skin . It is used for treatment of different spots on the face, expressive wrinkles, small scars and acne marks .

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