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Beauty salons Belgrade

Useful information

* Hyaluronic fillers
* Lips correction
* Face and body mesiotherapy
* Mesionites
* IPRF – rejuvenation using own blood plasma
* Chemical peeling
* Lipolysis
* Silhouette soft
* Cellular matrix


At our center you can expect the following treatments: hyaluronic fillers, lips correction, mesiotherapy of the face and body, chemical peeling, mesionites and IPRF – rejuvenation using own blood plasma of the latest generation. If you want to shine with immediately visible results, rejuvenate your face and body and bring out the best in you, our “Esthetic Style Centar” is the best choice.

Working with latest generation products, professionalism as well as a high level of expertise are our main qualities. The methods we use are modern and follow the latest global trends, while the equipment is state of the art.

At our Center you can expect the highest quality anti-ageing treatment using hyaluronic fillers that you can use to smooth out deep wrinkles by injecting hylauronic fillers directly into them, as well as:

- Lip augmentation, hydration, correcting asymmetry
- Preventing wrinkles and maintaining skin hydrobalance
- Non-surgical face lifting
- Correcting nose lines
- Contouring cheeks and cheekbones
- Filling in the tear lines and correcting bags under the eyes
- Rejuvenating hands
- Rejuvenating chest skin
- Correcting scars

One of our most requested treatments that give a special appearance to the face is lip correction and augmentation. In addition to achieving volume, it is possible to lift lip corners, correct existing asymmetry, accentuate the contours and remove small wrinkles around the mouth.

IPRF is an extremely safe and efficient method that doesn’t involve any allergic reaction risk, seeing how the IPRF (plasma) is obtained from your own blood, making the procedure 100% safe! Blood plasma treatment has been used in aesthetics for a while and has yielded excellent results: increasing the amount of collagen fibers, making the skin more toned, more vibrant, more shiny and the bags under the eyes less visible.


In addition to the skin on your face, we can also treat the neck, chest and hand area.

Mesiotherapy can be done on the neck, face, chest and hands. Your doctor determines which mesiotherapy cocktail they will apply, depending on the current state of your skin. As the result of this method we slow down the process of ageing and also improve the look and quality of your skin.

Body mesiotherapy is a method through which adequate products are applied into the skin and the sub-dermal layer. Depending on the need body mesiotherapy is used to remove localized fat deposits, reducing cellulite, for toning, rejuvenating the skin and stimulating the muscles. At the same time, it is an excellent anti-oxidant.

N E W!!!

Oxygen in the service of health and beauty

A reputable German company Weyergans has designed innovative treatments that caused a real revolution in the world of beauty and health. In a process of de-acidification and detox for your organism, based on oxygen saturated with negative ions, the excess acidity is expelled and the balance of the organism is restored.

Oxygen intake into the organism is of the vital importance for general health. The main role in oxygen intake into our organism belongs to the so-called negative ions. Both positive and negative ions originate in our living environment, through the radiation emitted by the Earth and the Sun, under the effects of the rain and wind, exhausts and static from most electrical appliances around the house.

The atmosphere generates more negative ions because the surface of the earth contains excess electrons.

However, in urban environments, there is a lot less negative ion concentration in the air than in rural environments. It is a well known fact that people who live in a certain environment (like in a mountainous area or the seaside) suffer less frequently from illness and recover more quickly when they do. In closed rooms there is an imbalance between positive and negative ions, which leads to gradual degradation of our defense mechanism.

Most people have excess acid in their organism and they don’t even know it.

The modern lifestyle is a direct cause of this, as well as less than healthy habits.

- Overuse of meat, sugar, white flour
- Nutrition full of dyes and preservatives
- Alcohol, coffee, tobacco smoke
- Everyday exposure to stress for extended periods of time (brings the organism into acidic states)
- Lack of physical activity

Think about how much 30min of your time can do for your health and beauty!

Dermio Care detox-antistress-antiage

The energy that the negative ions emit leads to certain physchological and physical benefits for the human organism, so they are also named airborne vitamins. Negative ions elevate serotonin levels (happiness hormones), which helps lessen depression, reduce stress and yield more energy day to day.

This is exactly what we achieve with our Dermio Care technology that releases around 6 million negatively charged ions per cm3 of hair (as though you were in a mountain next to a waterfall).

Testing the acidity of your organism before and after the treatment will show you the effectiveness of this procedure.

Results after a 30 min. treatment:

- removing excess acid and free radicals, establishing a balance, normalizing Ph
- stronger binding tissue
- regeneration and skin rejuvenation
- faster recovery from physical exhaustion and tiredness
- stabilization of the brain function, relaxation and calmness
- strengthening the immune system


The unique BEAUTY of our patients who are defined by the modern trend of nurtured men and women is our best recommendation.

Invite us, get informed, see how special we are. You can expect doctors with excellent reputation and experience in anti-aging medicine and dentistry.





ESTHETIC STYLE CENTER Beauty salons Beograd
ESTHETIC STYLE CENTER Beauty salons Beograd
ESTHETIC STYLE CENTER Beauty salons Beograd