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WELCOME TO THE MATIS WORLD, THE WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL CARE - MATIS Professional solutions for skin care Expert in professional treatments, Matis has been focusing its know-how on methods of improving the beauty of the skin for more than 25 years. Matis offers solutions to every problem. Solution starts with a spa treatment which is performed by Matis beautician and continues with the products used at home. Solutions are designed for professionals and all those who put quality in the first place. 
MATIS, discover your beauty ... When you choose Matis, you discover a unique philosophy. Philosophy based on personalized approach to your beauty. Your needs and desires are unique in that’s why you are approached by Matis in a special way ... Welcome massage, skin diagnostics, the attention necessary to find the right Matis solution, to tailor a solution according to the requirements of the client and it combines a professional product with expert treatment method. And all this in order to discover your beauty. MATIS efficiency and satisfaction. Using the experience and expertise of its laboratory, Matis has created 11 lines for face and body care. Each product bears the stamp of Matis that makes it recognizable among all others. Highly effective formula combines the best of nature and high technology. The textures are simply irresistible..Smells are unforgettable. All the senses take part in a unique Matis satisfaction. See, touch, smell, feel ... you'll see the difference and results. Mimicry, frowning, laughing, grimacing ... Our skin demonstrates our emotions. As time passes, it regenerates slower. Naturally, the first lines created by expressions appear. Today, with the line CORRECTIVE, Matis offers a unique solution to maintain youth and radiance of the skin. The line of three products designed specifically to remove and delete all the lines and wrinkles. 3 synergistic effects * relaxation of muscles responsible for wrinkles * filling depressions and wrinkles with spherulites of hyaluronan* Regeneration of skin. The line was created thanks to improved cosmetic technology, this line combines three active ingredients of the new generation in charge of the visible results. INNOVATION: * mio-relaxation active ingredient which is effective from the first application M2R acts quickly on muscle relaxation. After just 10 minutes, the tension is reduced, the skin is relaxed and expression lines are straightened. * Pumping component - it completes the effect of polishing microspheres of hyaluronic acid resulting from the new technology which increases to 30 times the volume in contact with surface moisture. The upper layers of the epidermis regain their moisture. Wrinkles and lines are filled and your skin looks radiant. 
Manicure IBD gelling, nail plate prosthetics and exclusively Jessica manicure - natural care of nail plates. Luxurious treatment which with the help of a set of sub-polishes, polishes and over-polisher without acetone, based on herbs, permanently solves the chilblain problem and the nail plate problems (breaking, foliation, nibbling), and the result is a manicure lasting for 2 weeks.
CORRECTIVE CARE FOR WRINKLES Relaxing and smoothening facial treatment, acts effectively and completely with facial expression linest. It combines a unique triple-action for fast and visible results, smoothening effect, filling wrinkles and long-term regeneration. It is applied every morning, it helps iron the lines and wrinkles, the face is relaxed from the very first application. MATIS BEAUTY TIP Matis advice for maximum efficiency of care: apply the product in the direction of the wrinkles. On your forehead apply it in wavy motions. Always apply the product moving to the outside. 
INTENSIVE LIP CARE This specific area requires a specific product! Specially designed for the sensitive area around the lips, this product reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It combines three innovative actions smoothening, filling of wrinkles and restoration. Redefines the area around the lips and restores their contours and fresh look. Slightly powdery texture and applicator on the tube provide an ideal application of the product. MATIS BEAUTY TIP Matis advice - do not forget to apply the product in the direction of the wrinkles. For long lasting results it is best to apply it in the morning before make-up and 3-4 times during the day.
Professional make-up With the help of our expert, shine if full splendor in all occasions: weddings, cocktails, celebrations, birthdays-Permanent make-up corrects EVERYTHING that you are not satisfied with on your face (lips, eye brows, eye liner)
Facial treatments Body shaping and stretching with the additional recommendation concerning hygiene-diet regime and the usage of fit products intended not only for body weight regulation, but also bringing all the organs and the system in balance. NEW, NEW, NEW, HIT IN THE WORLD - MEZOTHERAPY - fast and efficient local fat layer removal (stomach, thighs, arms, double chin)
Massage In the pleasant ambient with relaxing music and scents which wake all your sense, free yourself from accumulated stress - relax massage - anti cellulite massage - whole body lymph draining - all kinds of therapeutic massages
SAVON DE MARSEILLE The pace of life, responsibilities, stress ...are all the factors that affect our body and mind. Marseille gives the chance to improve our quality of life and mood, giving us the gifts of nature of Provence through its traditional products according to our needs! MARSEILLE SOAP We are traditional manufacturers of soaps and we manually produce the original essence of the old Marseille soap. We use traditional methods of production of natural essences in our products. Our priority in the selection of raw materials (vegetable oils, fragrance oils, essential oils) allows us to have a quality soap. It has been confirmed and recommended for delicate and sensitive skin types. In Marseille we seek to combine our soap with essential oils from nature, offering two types of soap, natural and scented with the aroma of more than 100 herbs, flowers, fruits, oils, cereals, etc.. Each color has its aroma, each aroma one soap Cada color una fragnacia, cada fragnacia un Jabon. A chaque couleur une fragnace, a chacque fragnace un savon Every color a fragrance, every fragrance a soap. Jeder farbe ein Duft,Jeder duft eine Seife. 
Pedicure Easy step with Zen-spa - heaven for your feet - a treatment which with peeling, mask and packaging based on herbs, offers ideal care and relaxation to your feet Permanent - laser hair removal Mikoderm abrasion - crinkle removal - face and neck skin rejuvenating - scar removal - face capillary removal


GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd
GOLDEN MATIS Beauty salons Beograd

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