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Address: 48 Vase Pelagica st., Senjak
Belgrade Phone: 011/3699-193
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Website: www.jai-thai.net

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Ancient Eastern culture of body and soul care is brought for you near the urban centre of Belgrade. We in Jai Thai Centre provided you an alternative for dream destinations of the Far East, where you can, for the first time, experience thousands of years old methods and indulge the calming and relaxing environment which makes this place the perfect exotic oasis. The Eastern civilisations still nurture the culture of wellbeing of body and soul, which is slightly forgotten on the West where the focus is on material values. Entering this unique space, entirely designed to look like traditional Thailand temples, you will feel the mystical oriental atmosphere.
In Jai Thai centre, which represents the link with the culture of Thailand, we offer you the relaxing treatments that you will enjoy and which also help in eliminating the negative aspects of modern way of life, such as stress, exhaustion and overweight. Within the authentic surrounding of Jai Thai centre there is also an international restaurant and an impressive café, all creations of the eminent master of decorative arts Ivan Kisovec whose work you can see at www.ivokisovec.com
In the luxury ambience of our temple, unique in our country, recommends wide offer: traditional Thailand massage, Yoga Thai, Aromatherapy and other kinds of massage, natural face and body care treatments. For each of our treatments we use completely natural ingredients from Thailand derived from herbs, flowers, fruit and minerals. Different types of completely natural massage oils and mixtures of essential oils are easily absorbed and do not cause any alergic reaction. In Jai Thai Centre, the temple of wellness and harmony, we use following massage oils: distress, detoxifying, energizing, reshaping and pain-relief oils. You may also choose a massage oil you like the best and which scent is the most suitable for you.
Basic Thailand massage is ancient art of body health care. Balancing the energetic flows of muscular structure, masters of traditional Thailand massage gain the absolute relaxing effect. This effect was perhaps best interpreted by Arthur Lambert, founder and president of ITM the most respected American scientific institute for body healthcare: “Thailand massage helps reducing optimal body and psychological performances...With its help we gain conciseness about our own infinite power of existence and living.” A complete session of traditional Thailand massage includes rhythmic physical pressure with various massage techniques, classical massage and a chiropractic body treatment.
Jai Thai massage(80 minutes) Combination of traditional Thailand massage and a massage using warm herbal compresses. Client is dressed in special, light clothes, and in the end the whole body is pressed with warm herbal compresses while the special attention is on painful areas. Not only Jai Thai massage relaxes the body and improves flexibility but it also has a pleasant therapeutic effect on whole organism. This massage is the best to relaxe your body, mind and soul.
Anti-cellulite body firming treatment (80minutes) This Thai massage treats the most problematic contours and focuses on reshaping the silhouette. Visibly improves skin tone, circulation and elasticity, and reduces the aging symptoms. This treatment includes applying anti-cellulite herbal mask, and the client notices the difference in the silhouette even after the first treatment. In order to obtain optimal results, an intensive programme of eight treatments is recommended.
Rose anti-ageing body treatment (80minutes) Give your body a new skin glow with a special massage. In this treatment, anti-ageing cream is used, then followed by cellulose rose based body mask. This treatment prevents premature aging, rejuvenates the skin and reduces signs of tiredness. There is a special treatment for decolletetage aria and brests.
Candle treatment(50 minutes) This is relaxing and comfortable cleansing therapy and an amazing deep relaxation ritual. It has positive effect on immune system and regulates insomnia. Candle is gently held near the edge of the ear, which creates a vacuum and draws out ear-wax, residues of past infections and fungus. The treatment reduces sinus irritation, headaches, migraine....
JAI THAI PACKAGES: Thai herbal bath treatment for two(20 minutes) Each of the Jai Thai Packages for couples includes a herbal bath, recommended before massage treatments to improve blood circulation, warm and relax the tired muscules. We use different Thai herbs and you can choose your favourite aroma. Packages are in VIP lounge for couples: Heart of Thailand(100 minutes) Honey Moon(100 minutes) Glamour of East(70 minutes) Lux(100 minutes) Power and energy(60 minutes) Mystic beauty(150 minutes) Other programmes for one: WATER(120 minutes) FIRE(140 minutes) AIR(100 minutes) HARMONY(120 minutes) EXCLUSIVE(90 minutes)