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Address: 84 Medakoviceva st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/4927-428, 011/3931-252

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Studio beauty La 'Loren is a newly opened place for face and body care which offers a high quality service at reasonable prices. In the pleasant surroundings of our salon we offer you a wide range of hair and beauty services intended to highlight your beauty.
Wanting to give your hair and body the ultimate treat, in our work we use the highest quality cosmetics by renowned manufacturers that achieves maximum results.

Studio beauty La 'Loren offers the following services:
Hairdressing services:
- Shearing flame - NEW
- Male and female haircuts
- Painting and blow dry hair
- Pull-out locks
- Formal hairstyles, buns, herringbone

Haircut using candle flame is on
e of the latest hits in the world of beauty. You should not try it at home, because every wrong move can lead to a real catastrophe. All our hairdressers who use this method must have passed a special training. The process takes about two hours. This way of cutting the hair becomes regenerated and totally healthy. The cuticles on hair are closed and sealed. Flame candles are removed all the damaged tops, and then to put special hair mask. This can be removed by cutting the shortest and most damaged hair to cut.

In part two of our hairdressing salon you can indulge in experienced hands of our hairdressers who will make sure that your hairstyle is modern and in line with your face shape, quality and length of hair. Also, our salon is open to all members of the stronger sex who want their hairstyle is in line with the latest fashion trends.

For important days in your life when you want to look different and observed, Studio L beauty 'Loren offers classic and modern festive hairstyles. Our wedding or prom hairstyles, as well as various types of braids, which are extremely modern, will make a real shine gloss that you admired.

- Separate paraffin treatments
- Classic pedicure
- Express Pedicure

- Manicure in jacuzzi tubs with paraffin treatment
- Classic manicure
- Creating a painting nails

Your fingernails and toenails are arranged in the form of a manicure and pedicure treatments will seem seductive and flawless. Cuticles, nails that are broken and crumbling or have long since lost their natural beautiful color, it will become your ancient history with a manicure and pedicure at Studio L beauty 'Loren in Vozdovac.

WAXING - cold, warm
- Underarms
- Half feet
- Whole legs hurdles
- hand
- groin

Depilation cold or hot of your choice, will make parts of your body be soft and smooth to the touch. Efficient waxing using cold or warm wax is the best way to easily resolve the hairs from different parts of the body.

- Relaxation massage
- Anti-cellulite massage
Be beautiful and cared for, and give yourself a small dose of hedonism!
Beauty salon La 'Loren, Medaković, Beograd.