Beauty salons Belgrade

Address: 19 Dalmatinska st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/2751-680, 060/494-18-48

4.5/ 5stars

Hair styling and cosmetic salon LILA LY originated with the idea of accomodating the needs of the modern women of all ages but also the men who care about their appearance.

Close to the center of the city and yet away from the hustle and bustle the LILA LY beauty salon is located at 19 Dalmatinska street. It is modernly furnished and equipped with a pleasant atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed and happy. Our kind staff will ensure your maximum relaxation and treatment using only the highest quality cosmetic products. Since the level of service we insist upon requires not only the highest level of skill but also product quality, we exclusively use only the products made by the world's best manufacturers. Not only that but we continuously educated and improve upon the knowledge and skills of our employees and keep up with the latest world trends. The treatments currently available at LILA LY include:

- Hair styling and hair care services

- Pedicure

- Manicure

- Waxing

We consider our dedication to our clients and the quality of our services at affordable prices and excellent reason why you should give us your trust and visit.

It is our goal to gain and justify your trust which is the key to our success.