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Address: 10 Tomasa Edisona st., Sremcica // 134 Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2521-149, 2522-656, 063/283-565 // 063/565-283

4.5/ 5stars

All that you could need for your health, beauty and satisfaction of your body and soul.

Beauty health care salon has existed and advanced its methods for over 15 years.

In cooperation with renown names in the area of care we offer our clients the latest treatments and products for professional use.

We would like to highlight our services of : scar and blemish removal, collagen ampules, eyelash extensions, micro dermal abrasion, facial and body treatments, chiropody, gel nail polish, massage and facial and body mesotherapy.

We would especially like to highlight two new additions to our offer:

1. IPL PHOTOEPILATION - fully and completely removes hair. In order for your hair to disappear forever you should invest in 5-12 treatments depending on your physiological state.

IPL PHOTOREJUVENATION - thanks to a thermal treatment we cause an increase of elastic and collagen secretion which restores the skin's natural elasticity. We also eliminate signs of ageing and cuperose, acne, old spots.

2. VIBROFIT PROGRAM - the only effort you need to put in is to assume a certain position and then enjoy yourself while vibrofit exercises for you. No exhaustion or cardiac exertion you will achieve swift and easy weight loss and cellulite removal, strengthening ligaments and prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. You can choose from 10 programs and 99 speeds. The program is individually issued and altered for each session. No yo-yo effect.

You can find us in two locations:

10 Tomasa Edisona street, Sremcica



134 Pozeska street, Banovo Brdo 

Phone: 063/565-283

Visit us and see the quality of our services, we have worked for you for 15 years.

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