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Address: 19 Antifasisticke borbe st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 064/5661-660

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Beauty Salon Viki can be found in the municipality of New Belgrade, at 19 Antifasisticke borbe Street, shop 67, Belgrade. After many years of successful work, the experience gained in the work and great commitment to their work, we are able to offer you in one place  cosmetics and hairdressing service, which will highlight your hidden beauty. Paying attention to every detail, and our goal is to be happy and to return to us again.

Wanting to give your hair and body afford ultimate pleasure in our work we use the highest quality cosmetics by renowned manufacturers that achieves maximum results.

Viki Beauty Salon offers the following services:

Hair-styling Facilities

- Eslabondexx treatment for hair care
- Men and women's hair cutting
- Hair dyeing and blow dry hair
- Service hair coloring
- formal hairstyles
- Deep treatments
- Keratin short, medium and long hair


- pedicure
- Medical and cosmetic pedicure
- Manicure
- Permanent OPI nail polish
- Upgrade and chiropody
- Paraffin

In part two of our hairdressing salon you can indulge in experienced hands of our hairdressers who will make sure that your hairstyle is modern and in line with your face shape, quality and length of hair. Also, our salon is open to all members of the stronger sex who want their hairstyle is in line with the latest fashion trends.

For important days in your life when you want to look different and be observed, Viki beauty studio offers classic and modern festive hairstyles. Our wedding or prom hairstyles, as well as various types of braids, which are extremely modern, will make a real shine gloss that you admired.

If your hands are chapped, rough and tired of the daily work, we provide paraffin that will restore softness, elasticity and visibly more beautiful appearance of your hands.

In our beauty corner we have the services of classic manicure, Sculpting and nail extension, as well as the aesthetic and medical pedicure. Our treatments are unique in that they fully recover damaged and weak nails, working with OPI varnish so that it nourishes and stimulates their growth, and they become solid, elastic, soft and have a healthy color and natural shine.

Eslabondexx in Belgrade

Eslabondexx system helps prevent hair damage caused as a result of chemical treatment, preventing them and came. Creates new connections within the strands of hair and strengthens existing ones, providing additional pieces of elasticity, strength and improve the general condition. The system consists of three products designed to protect hair during the chemical treatment and keep it healthy:

- Connector
Mixed with the preparation of which is carried out chemical treatment creates a new connection, while keeping the internal structure of the hair. It improves the strength and elasticity of hair.

- Amplifier
A cream that establishes relationships that was previously created connector. Shampoo moisturizing and nourishing.


- Sustainer
Product intended for maintaining hair at home. It softens the hair, increasing its flexibility and shine.

Contact Information:
Address: 19 Antifasisticke borbe 19
Mob: 064/566 16 60

Beauty studio beauty Viki, Novi Beograd.