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  • Bus: 23, 36, 37, 44, 58, 74, 78, 83, E2, Ada 1, Ada 2, Eko 2, 37N, 56N, 511N
  • Tram: 2, 9
  • Trolley: 40, 41

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Open on Sundays Free WiFi Parking

Craft beer and a few other types. 

Types of beer we offer include: lager, pils, ipa, apa, NEipa, ale, amber i blond ale, stout, RI greskom... stout, porter, sour, wit, wheat, seasonal, non-alcoholic (lager and wheat).

We have 10 beer taps, 17-19 bottled beers.

When it comes to stronger drinks, we have an impressive selection of whiskey (single malt, burbons…) and of course rakia brandy, rum, gin, vine and some liqueurs!! 

Regarding our wine selection, we have Tamjanika, Chardonnay, red and pink wine. Black and yellow soda and more because thirst is eternal!! Welcome!