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Useful information

EscapeGame is the first and original real life room escape adventure in Belgrade.

The room escape game is an interactive game that involves solving a sequence of riddles in real time where a team of 2-5 players through experimenting with real objects solves a mystery in one of the thematic rooms. The uniqueness of this game is that the players are physically inside the story like actors in a movie. The players are tossed into the world of intrigue, riddles and secret codes except this is not a video simulation but a real room. The challenge for players is constructing an escape from the room in a battle against time, a ticking 60 minute timer.

We currently offer three thematic rooms (Mystery, Laboratory and Enigma) as well as alternative concepts of escape adventures. You can read about the rooms in more detail here:

Solving riddles doesn't require any prior knowledge or skills. Common sense and teamwork are the most important factors and detective adventure spirit will surely help.

Escape Entertainment offers other interesting content:
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- If you have a child aged 9-16 and you'd like to give them a memorable birthday party, check out Junior Puzzle Challenge at

We would be glad to answer all your questions!