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Address: 14v Jurija Gagarina st., store 2, Belville, 11070 Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: +381116302235, +38163359259

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The newly established beauty salon Mademoiselle's is a salon for nursing care of the beauty and appearance of your face and body. Under the slogan YOU ARE AS YOUNG AS YOUR SKIN IS - MADEMOISELLE will allow you to stay forever young, treating you in the spirit of world-known and respected brand Mary Cohr. As such, Mademoiselle Beauty Salon is a place that offers its clients professional skin care consultation with a therapist, review, and the possibility that women and men can express all of their desired goals in terms of beauty. Mademoiselle meets the most demanding customers, and Mary Chor most demanding needs of the face and body in order to achieve the desires of the clients. In its offer, and Mademoiselle Mary Cohr as a hand, and aparaturne facial and body, and the Retail line of cosmetics for home care and waxing. Our treatments are highly professional, unique, excellent and with the same efficiency as the protocol in any of the MC Salon in the world. effects are visible after first treatment. Our therapists are trained to the level of Mary Cohr Experts. Detailed knowledge of the skin, aromatherapy and essential oils. Address: Yuri Gagarin 14v, ext 2, Belville Place, 11070 Belgrade Tel. +381116302235, +38163359259 Web: E-mail: Salon Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11-19h Saturday 09-15h