Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 9 Molerova st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: (tel/Fax): 011/344-36-10, 062/243-717

4/ 5stars

In a neat and timely fashion we perform accounting tasks with accounting as a base, any business initiative legalizing the status to permanent supervision of the movement of the funds and their sources, verify the results and finally provides planning for future investments.

Entrusting specialized company MI-CONT following tasks:
- Tracking inventory and Law
- Processing of external and internal documentation
- accounts of
- posting
- Calculation of taxes on goods and services
- Tax and contributions tax
- Calculation of interest
- Payroll and other personal income
- Personnel
- Creation of personal accounts
- Other jobs in this sector

will secure yourself more time to creatively engage your core competencies, while maintaining complete control of decision making and management.

The company proposes to MI-CONT and mutually trusting relationship is expected, with our powers clearly defined and limited by law, or your commitments and decisions.