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Saturday 08:00 - 15:00
Sunday We are closed


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Useful information

In the now distant year 1990 over a cup of coffee for two a business idea was born. Our basis for it were years of work in that domain in a state company from the lowest ranks as an accountant to the position of chief of accounting. The decision was made at the round table, not just between the two of us but also in the company of two small humans to whom – let’s be honest – nothing was clear back then, but they learned how decisions were made. This table is in our family today still and we still make decisions at it. In 1991. we founded Mega Kam bookkeeping agency. As of 1995 the owner of the agency, Ljiljana Zivadinovic holds the certificate in accounting issued by the Accountant and Reviser Association of Serbia.

23 years of work experience with the help of great coffee is what sets us apart from other similar firms. Our experience has shown us that business spirit is just as important as stability and durance. Our proof are our clients who have been with us for years, some for over two decades.

With every new client we arrange a system of cooperation that bests suits them and their business. It is a tested recipe for longevity and success with the many obligations and deadlines enforced by the law. In our registry offices, in our computer data and in ourselves the base is formed of humans, entire families, life savings, ideas, joys and sorrows, lots of work and sacrifices made for each client, a lot of real life. We respect this for we ourselves are a part of the private business sector.

We adjust our services to small and micro businesses, firms and non-profit organizations. Do not be surprised that our offer does not include medium and large businesses because that would not make sense – the companies of that caliber have their own accounting sectors. It would be unprofessional and inappropriate of us to include something so unrealistic into the offer at our website. We would like our message to be real and honest.

Seeing how every client is specific in their own way we treat each and every one of them as such and create a work plan that best suits them and their circumstances. Mutual respect goes without saying and will ensure that we respect the agreed deadlines and do our work professionally. It is a principle we have stuck with for 23 years and still do today.

The “MEGA KAM” bookkeeping agency provides the following accounting services:

1.      Double-entry bookkeeping
- General ledger,
- Analytical balance records, accounts, listing the open items,
- Calculation of value added tax,
- Keeping tax records,
- Inventory and depreciation of fixed assets,
- Preparation of final accounts,
- Making trial balance,
- Management of cash,
- Payroll
- Calculating social security contributions,
- Calculation of service contracts and royalties,
- Registration and de-registration of workers,
- Registration service,
- Posting of the retail price with creating calculations,
- Posting wholesale price with creating calculations,
- Posting of imports and exports with the calculations of development
- production of KEPU books,
- posting the market, stock records or materials,
- consulting with a lawyer specialized in corporate law,
- Registering length of employment,
- management of payments,
- calculation of interest,
- Preparation of documentation for obtaining bank loans,
- the drafting of a complete solution of your accounting,
- the drafting of rationalization of other procedures related to accounting,
- counseling in terms of finding the best tax solutions for your company,
- elaboration of some of your business idea,.

2.      Simple bookkeeping for the businesses who want it

Our bookkeeping agency can perform complete bookkeeping services for you, or if you prefer only help you in certain areas. The exchange of data can be done electronically, although original documentation must be handed in personally which is the best solution because it also allows us to meet and discuss business. We can do so at our or at your offices.

This is the right place to get real, professional and yet warm and understanding care for your business.

Visit us at 229 Jurija Gagarina street at the office 251 or contact us by phone.

On Sundays we are closed, unless the needs of our clients make it otherwise.

We preserve after 23 years and are even growing younger. We move onwards and invite you to join us, an open invitation for coffee at that round table.

Respectfully, MEGA KAM