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Address: 29/3 Nedeljka Gvozdenovica st., Bezanijska kosa
Belgrade Phone: 011/6282-774, 060/3020-662

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Bookkeeping agency Well-Cont offers you the following services:

- Founding trade companies and businesses
- Bookkeeping and accounting services for micro, small and medium companies, all-inclusive and entrepreneur businesses and other entities
- Communication with the IRS
- Internal control
- Staff and other administrative services

Our expert staff is ready at all times to respond to all your demands whether you need help registering your new business, creating a work plan or tax consulting.

We adjust our methods to every individual client's needs while striving to give you maximum support in running your business. If you decide to give us your trust you can rest assured that our services will be swift and of the highest quality.

We guarantee full discretion to all our clients and base our price on your demands, income and the extent of documentation. If you are facing any kind of issue in your business our Well-Cont expert team is here to give you any required information or advice regarding accounting and other regulations in Serbia.

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Bookkeeping agency Well-Cont

29/3 Nedeljka Gvozdenovica street, New Belgrade