Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 12 Pera Slijepcevica st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/3292-054, 2773-229, 2774-039
E-mail: vvladan@ikomline.net

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Our accounting agency was established in 1991 and its business is through his entire working life adapted exclusively by the needs of their clients. For us there are no templates to work , but every client is special to us and to perceive all the specifics and peculiarities of each legal entity , entrepreneur or association individually .

We use the latest equipment , licensed accounting program which allows us to provide you with fast electronic communication with the tax authority and a central registry.

All communication with the tax administration to us , and you are free to focus on your business. To make everything work so that you 're satisfied with me for you do the following:

Commodity and financial accounting
Calculation of VAT
calculation of production
Tax and financial advice
All labor relations
All types of electronic communication with your bank - in terms of receipt of statement , submission of documents requested by the Bank loan and other needs
At the end of the business year for you do all the calculations , we will present you with the results and will provide everything you need competent institutions (Agency for Business Registers , Tax Administration , the Pension Fund ) .

Once a week we come to you for all the necessary documentation . If you have any further requests please contact us .

Our goal is to further business development and rejuvenation of staff . Many years of experience of Chartered Accountants and the youth and enthusiasm of young professionals think they are a good basis for future cooperation .

If you have any questions please contact us . We are located in Belgrade, Pera Slijepčevića 12 , at Kara , where we can postetiti or contact us via phone or email address.