Brush shop Belgrade

Address: 59a Dimitrija Tucovica st, Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/244-0-999, 064/616-56-46
Fax: 011/241-77-50

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Back in the distant 1953 Momcilo Kostic began studying the brush-making trade. Already in 1957 he became a brushmaker and continued perfecting his skills with Belgrade masters. In 1963 he became independent and opened his own workshop which was moved in '84 to a new location where it still works today. That year the logo "cetka-kicica" (brush-brushie) began our company's trademark.

Ever since it began work, our company was founded on our family business and all the members of our family participated in its work. In 1997 the daughter inherited the store which is named for her.

Over our half a century of existence, we have cooperated with many companies from former Yugoslavia.

We use traditional materials to make all the brushes you can buy from us, including wood and natural fibers and in the last 15 years also plastic bodies and fibers.

Our brushes wash, clean and are used throughout Serbia!