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Car-body mechanics Belgrade

Useful information

Branko & Rade auto center is located at 2a Miska Kranjca street in the territory of Rakovica in Belgrade. For over 20 years we have been there for all owners of motor vehicles who remained our faithful clients since the first time they visited. Our tire shop near the church and the city hall in Rakovica can offer you a broad assortment of services.

In addition to travel vehicles, tire shop "Branko & Rade" offers you motor vehicle services:
- Busses
- Trucks
- Dredges

Our expert mechanics rely on years of work and experience when it comes to tire services for various types and kinds of vehicles. In their work they use modern tools and equipment allowing us to guarantee the best kind of perfect and responsible work. The domain of our services includes:
- Mounting and unmounting "run flat" tires
- Mounting and unmounting tires for motorcycles and scooters
- Selling new and used tires
- Seasonal tire storing
- Correcting and welding aluminum wheel covers.

When it comes to mounting and unmounting tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters we will offer you swift and efficient services so that your vehicle is stable during driving and safe in traffic.

Also if you don't have the adequate space to store your tires out of season, our car center offers you seasonal tire storing with the best conditions.

Seasonal tire storing, mounting and unmounting, run flat tires and straightening and welding aluminum wheel covers. Selling new and used tires at the best prices in Belgrade.

Tire store near the church and town hall in Rakovica.

We come out into the field for tire services.

Car service Branko&Rade specializes in all vehicles and is located at 55 Patrijarha Dimitrija street in the territory of Rakovica. To all our clients we offer a broad selection of services for their vheicles.

Centering of the trap is one of the crucial elements of road safety and falls under the regular maintenance. This way you not only reduce the wear of the tires, but the car is more responsive during driving and spends less fuel.

Car service Branko&Rade offers you the following services:

- Tuning the trap
- Regulating the trap
- Servicing the trap
- Changing the trap parts

At our service we use the latest trap centering machinery. This process should be done after any kind of replacement of the springs, connectors or shock absorbers as properly centered trap ensures a safe, stable and comfortable ride.

Centering of the trap increases your road safety. Come and have your vehicle checked out to be a safe traffic participant.

We at Branko&Rade know the value of well-practised teamwork and the same is true for cars too - if every individual part is doing its job properly then the whole vehicle runs perfectly. With over 20 years of experience and dedicated work servicing vehicles we have gained the trust of many clients whom we always surprise with even better work than they expected.

Thanks to our latest equipment for car diagnostics as well as our complete tools and lifters our highly trained mechanics can help you discover any problem that disrupts normal work of the car. We try to meet everyone's needs and demands and in the swiftest time remove any malfunction so that you wouldn't be without a car for very long. Years of practise and training have made us true professionals in the area of car mechanics (repairing the brakes, engine, gear shifting, direction systems and more).

After installing pneumatics it is necessary to perform centering of the trap in order to adjust the wheel angling, restore them to factory standard and coordinate them with wheel movement. For that reason we have the latest machines and equipment for precise centering which doesn't last over half an hour and can influence your maximum safety.

Car air-conditioning
When hot summer days arrive, stay in your car can be an unpleasant experience. Not to mention several hour long travelling to your vacation. For that reason we offer the services of servicing and filling air-conditioners. Many consider it a luxury but only when you feel the magic of air-conditioning in your car you will realize you can't live without it anymore.

Car metalwork and paintwork
We are at your disposal when it comes to repairs and lackings in your car metalwork. Whether it's a small indentation that happened due to a parking accident or a large accident that led to complete body deformation we can solve your problem with ease. For smaller problems we only need around half an hour while larger works can take several hours or even days. Ironing the sides, straightening the metalwork and fixing bumpers are our specialties.

We have a fully equipped painting fascility with paint guns which allows us to use the best dyes to paint your car and make it shine like it just came out of the salon.

Car washing
For all types of daily maintenance you can bring us your car and treat it with a wash. During the treatment we use car cosmetics from renown manufacturers that don't damage the exterior or the interior of the vehicle while leaving a pleasant scent behind.

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AUTOSERVIS BRANKO I RADE Car-body mechanics Beograd
AUTOSERVIS BRANKO I RADE Car-body mechanics Beograd
AUTOSERVIS BRANKO I RADE Car-body mechanics Beograd