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Car glasswork Belgrade

Useful information

ERA GLASS is one of the oldest and most famous auto glass service in Belgrade. With our professionally trained team of SEVIS provides the following services:

Replacement and repair of windshield and side windows (car and van program) with a lifetime warranty from a water leak .
* Design and installation of fitted glass Plexiglas
* Installation , service and supply autošibera
* Maintenance of electrical pickup
* Partners Place services
* Removal of a water leak in the body


1 AUTO GLASS GLASS ERA- service with their professionally trained people , offers fast and professional replacement windshield and side windows . In the shortest time , using modern tools and adhesives We replace glass . Depending on the model of car replacement takes 3 to 6 hours. We are especially proud that our installation we give a lifetime warranty from a water leak .

kind of glasses
ERA GLASS offers you a glass of leading European and world manufacturers , such as: Siqua , securit saint gobain , Pilkinton , splinteks , sicursiv , glavet hs and many others. In addition to standard glass, which can be totally transparent , so-called white, we also have tinted glass that can be added to the shadow of the sun . For some models of cars we purchase so-called , sun gate " glass whose transmittance of sunlight is reduced only to 20%.

ERA GLASS service through its long-standing supplier offers fast and reliable acquisition of glass .

2 plexiglass
If your car you can not find a particular glass or order takes too long , we offer design and installation of fitted glass Plexiglas . Perspex is translucent , like the original glass so it is safe to ride . In addition to the glass plexiglass for cars, we produce glass for boats and construction equipment .

ERA- glass service to replace the windshield wiper also offers repair of damaged . This means that depending on the glass damage can be avoided by replacing the glass , so that service offers safe and professional repairing damaged glass . Damage that can be repaired are: loops , stars , lines, or a combination of the first two . The lines are filled up to a certain length, which depends on the purity of the damage. Any damage to be repaired is technically correct and can not be further expanded , so did not need to replace the glass. GLASS TECHNOLOGY ERA- service glass repair service performed , tools worldwide leader in the field -GLASS MEDIC . GLASS MEDIC has a highly-developed technology and materials , which guarantee a hundred percent success rate reparations.

4 AUTO Siber
ERA GLASS service offers you the opportunity to beautify the ride and stay in the car by installing šiberdaha that . sunroof . Great choice šiberdaha , lets you according to your car's needs and choose the right model for you . ERA GLASS service installed šiberdahe renowned manufacturer of auto TEC . Thanks to its technical solutions and their proven quality AUTO TEC has for many years at the very top producers šiberdaha . Great choice autotekovih šiberdaha every day you see in our service .

The prices of these šiberdaha range depending on the car and your personal wishes of 180 to 550 euros (prices are with installation ) .

ERA GLASS service with its professional experienced craftsmen offer you a professional installation of the desired model of your car. When installing šiberdaha the roof of your car does not have any side effects to it.

Installation is performed in 6 steps:
1 Locate the installation on the roof of cars šiberdaha pattern obtained with the selected model šiberdaha .
2 Notching of the required Siberdi .
3 Treatment and protection of cut ( on the roof ) .
4 The opening of the interior of the sky.
5 Mounting šiberdaha to have a specific place .
6 Placing decorative rosette inside your car .

Service and repair
ERA- glass service in addition to the new installation is done and repair of all types of factory and šiberdaha for retrofitting . We offer a large selection of spare parts ( cables , stripes , slider ) . Due to the lack of some parts for a particular model šiberdaha we offer a quick purchase them. It also removes any kind of water leak in your Siberdi . Like every circuit in the car Siberdi be maintained and serviced . Our recommendation is that at least twice a year to perform service , before and after winter. Service includes thorough cleaning and lubricating mechanical parts , cleaning and tarring and rubber gaskets glycerine purification of drainage canal water. All that you can quickly and professionally to get our service .

5 power windows
ERA GLASS service offers a repair service of manual and electric windows . Repair involves replacing cables , sliders , scissors , clips , and a process thereof. We especially recommend the repair of electric motors themselves lifters. In addition to repairs we offer a pickup service for a long life ..

6 Partners Place SERVICES
ERA GLASS Service Partners Place offers a variety of services. Coating the interior of heaven that we have a wide range of colors and materials. We also repair mechanism seat and changing them.

ERA GLASS service successfully removes all types of water entering the trunk of a car , whether it is a draft proof windshield , doors and trunk.
In addition to replacing windows or repairing the same in our service , we provide glass replacement and repair of your service to your customers. In particular, we offer dismantling and assembling glass for automotive plumbing and painting services for more affordable works.

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Address: II Kornetska 48, 11060
Phone: +381 (11) 2757-460 , +381 (11) 2757-661
Fax: +381 (11) 2757-661
WEB: www.era -
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AUTO STAKLA ERA GLASS Car glasswork Beograd
AUTO STAKLA ERA GLASS Car glasswork Beograd
AUTO STAKLA ERA GLASS Car glasswork Beograd