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GLASS REPARATION One of the technologies that we are most proud of is the reparation technology - special procedure we use for front windshield glass reparation. This reparation system represents the best system of this kind in the world, and is being used in more than 30 countries.
After there is a damage on your front glass, you should immediately contact our experts. It is very important for you not to allow the damage to spread, because when the cracks in the glass exceed the length of several centimeters, reparation can be a big problem. It is also important that the damage doesn't get dirty. Because of that, it is necessary that you cover it with a protective sticker, before you come to Glass Service. Don't forget - glass repair is by far cheaper than glass changing!
Highly capable experts work only at highest technology standards, that are being used in over 30 world countries. First after consulting with you, will our expert begin with the realization itself. The repair is usually done with four different damage types. We will try to explain you that the solution we chose, is really the best. For example, if the damage is located in the drivers sight field, the best solution is to change the windshield. If the damage is on the side, the solution is repair.
SALE AND INSTALLATION For changing, we only use glasses from the leading world manufacturer AUTOVER, and your glass will be changed with the help of high quality tools and machines, made by EQUALIZER. The diversity of the offer is evident through the wide selection of side, triangle and rear side windshields, as well through the possibility of obtaining valve seals for most vehicles registered in Serbia and Montenegro.
Wanting to have a as complete offer as possible, we also developed additional services, such as:- development of side glass from plexiglass (in case that there is none in stock) - development of outer rear view mirrors - gluing of inner rear view mirrors
FIELD SERVICE Wanting to have a as complete offer as possible, a field service - movable workshop, has been organized. At the clients call, a specialized vehicle will come on sight, and the glass changing is done in field conditions.
If you are not able to come to our service, we will come to you.