Car Insurance Belgrade

Address: 90 Dimitrija Tucovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2413-906, 060/0341-401, 064/996-52-00

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The initial incentive for the creation of the agency AUTOBIRAČ can be placed in the motto :
"Without waiting and annoyance quickly and effectively to car registration ."

We are located at 90 Dimitri Tucovica street in  Zvezdari after dogogodišnjeg experience in this business we provide security to all clients for all services that are available in our company .

The focus of our business is a satisfied customer and successfully completed registration with no waste of time, money and complicated procedures .

Taking into account these facts apart from regular services are available and the ability to download documents in a way that customers prefer.

Your call will arrive at the address that best suits the entire territory of Belgrade.

Clicking on the menu item you can find information about required documentation for registration of vehicles , cost of registration for the vehicle using a calculator , complete our service , payment methods , actions , etc. .

A special advantage of the online announcement of registration of the vehicle where you can choose the date of registration , details and leave rest to us .

They pointed to a successful business relationship with the insurance company "Millennium Insurance " ado so that policies of automobile liability and comprehensive insurance included in our offer .

We will try to maintain the level of service as in the past as well as to meet all the standards in the field of vehicle registration and the idea of happy clients that the current from the beginning and will continue to be our primary task .

Services available with us are:

- Complete vehicle registration
- Technical Overview
- Auto Insurance
- Green Card
- Going to the Ministry of the Interior
- Arrive at your home
- Travel and health insurance for the whole world
- Full coverage for 12 months without interest
- Possibility of payment cards ( Master Card, Maestro, VISA , DINA )
- Vehicle registration in 12 installments
- Photocopying
- Electronic scanning of documents ( chipped ID cards and all kinds of documents )
- Special discounts for companies and businesses

required documents

For individuals

- ID card
- Driver's license

For legal entities

- Excerpt from APR
- Bank receipt of payment
- Authorization on letterhead for verification of registration certificate

For vehicle leasing for individuals

- Excerpt from APR leasing companies
- Bank receipt of payment
- Authorization on letterhead for verification of registration certificate
- Confirmation of the leasing company for vehicle registration

For vehicle leasing for corporate clients

- Excerpt from APR leasing companies
- Excerpt from APR lessee
- Bank receipt of payment
- Authorization on letterhead
- Leasing Agreement
- Confirmation of the leasing company

Office Hours :

Monday-Friday: 09 - 17h