Car paintwork Belgrade

Address: 24 Patrijarha Dimitrija st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 064/385-6614, 061/130-7760

4.5/ 5stars

Car metalwork Krsmanic offers you car metalwork for all brands of vehicles. Thanks to years of work and experience we guarantee high quality of services at affordable prices.

The domain of our services includes:
- Straightening sides
- Straightening car bodies
- Straightening metalwork
- Pulling out car bodies using a pattern.

Through the use of modern tools and techniques our experienced team of mechanics will correct tiny damages in your vehicle. In addition to this car metalsmith Ivan Krsmanic offers repairs for heavy damages using patterns for all kinds and types of vehicles.

 Independently from the type of damages your vehicle will be repaired without visible damaging. Car service Krsmanic offers you the best services at most affordable prices.