Car paintwork Belgrade

Address: 2a Miska Kranjca st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 064/0085-349

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Bumper service " Kuzmanovic " located in Rakovica at 2a Miska Kranjca street, in Belgrade . With work and experience , we guarantee you the highest quality of our services . At affordable prices in town, we are ready to meet all challenges set before us .
Domain Services bumper service " Dejan Kuzmanovic " include :
- Repairing bumpers
- Painting cars
- Welding plastic bumpers
- Work on the vehicle paintwork
When it comes to repairing bumpers our service in Rakovica offers quality servicing , which will enable your vehicle to look like new after damage. Knowledge of our mechanics will enable them to in the shortest period of time make repairs to the bumper of your car , to our mutual satisfaction .
Welding plastic bumpers is our way to meet your needs and spared you the cost of buying a new bumper.
In special professional painting chambers we correct and complete vehicle painting . By using the highest quality paints and varnishes , your car would gain a new glow and appearance.
Regarding the paintwork on your car , our specialty is straightening of the same minor and major damage , using modern tools and techniques. No visible signs of damage , the paintwork of your vehicle will be arranged in our service to Rakovici . It also allows an effective color protection to external influences .
Auto body parts, repair and welding of plastic bumpers and painting cars , at affordable prices. Your best choice when you need a perfect service .
Repair of plastic bumpers .
Bumper service " Dejan Kuzmanovic " Novi Beograd, Beograd .