Car wash Belgrade

Address: 91 Matice Srpske st., Mirijevo
Belgrade Phone: 064/4824-147

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Carpet Cleaning Service "Eksta S" is in the 91 Matice Srpske street to Mirijevu. In a very short time, we have gained the trust of our clients in terms of perfect and responsible service. It is our pleasure is the fact that we have a hearty recommendation from our regular clients.
Domain services carpets "Extra S" refers to:
- Deep cleaning of carpets
- Deep cleaning carpets
- Teeth fringe
- Putting new fringe (silk, cotton, wool)
- Shortening the hem of carpets and rugs
As a well-known service for carpet cleaning in Belgrade, our services and deep water semi-dry cleaning and removing dirt from carpets and rugs, we offer at very affordable prices.
Using the modern professional chemistry, your carpets and rugs, return original appearance and luster, from which they removed all the impurities. Preparations that preserve the texture of your carpet and rugs, reputable manufacturers will leave a long-lasting effect of freshness and impeccable cleanliness to them.
In our drying chamber can be effectively dried deeply washed carpet and carpet in the winter and bad weather conditions during the year.
In addition to deep carpet cleaning and deep cleaning carpets, service "Extra S" deals with the semi-dry cleaning various business and restaurants. Fast, efficient in effective cleaning by our staff, the area of your choice will make flawless.
Our services include deep cleaning of seats, the sky, the upholstery and the floor of your car. You probably can not even imagine how much dirt is collected in the interior of your car. Despite the fact that dirty seats and other parts of the vehicle can contaminate your clothing, dust on them, and can disrupt your health.
Deep cleaning seats in our service will make your vehicle safe for everyday driving.
The ultimate deep cleaning carpets and rugs.
Within the store there and tire shop that is part of our company.

Tire repair shop and cleanup Extra S.