Carpet cleaning Belgrade

Address: 29a Tuzlanska st., Petlovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/237-0014, 064/113-2411

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Cleanup Ekoservis providing professional cleaning of all types of soft floor coverings / carpets, rugs /, cleaning, protection and polishing hard floors / marble, granite, terrazzo /.

Products we use for cleaning are of the highest quality German manufacturer.
Laundry is done to American machines Advanced, Carpetron, AquaClean, Tempest.
We also perform service repairs and servicing washing carpets / CETKAR and extraction / and washing floors / electric and battery /.


• Washing of carpets and rugs (all types) - Carpet cleaning is done at our premises or at your home. Most carpets take a drive to a service where they can be washed thoroughly and, if necessary, repeat the wash / with very dirty carpet stains /. We have machines that are used specifically for washing woolen carpets / cylindrical brush and no tangle hair /. Drying of carpets made only in the chamber. Carpets are for 2-5 days to clean and dry your home.
• Laundry and grinding marble, granite, terrazzo and ceramic floors - We wash hard floors of marble, granite, terrazzo and ceramic flooring protection acrylic waxes and polishing. Grinding marble, granite and terrazzo work with diamond tools of different grits to shine a mirror. Price is determined after examining the condition of the floor.
• Laundry upholstered furniture - clean all types of upholstered furniture, chairs, mattresses. Laundry is done in a way that first all the shampoo, and then extraction method takes all the dirt and dust mites from your furniture. All cleaning agents are working with the manufacturer Kärcher and Werner-Mertz.
• Wash the car's interior - The interior of your car clean with excellent shampoo foreseen for heavier soils. Car after cleaning takes on a pleasant scent. Special means cleaning the valve and plastic at which accumulates the highest nicotine and dirt.
• Maintenance of office space - do maintenance of all types of flooring in your business area / periodic and continuous /, general cleaning after construction / painting, masonry, etc. /.
• Servicing of machines for cleaning carpets and floors - We offer a repair service and servicing washing carpets / CETKAR and extraction / and washing floors / electric and battery /.
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