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Carpet cleaning Belgrade
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Carpet service “Ekoservis” works in professional deep washing of all kinds of soft floor covers, carpets, rugs, furniture. We also polish and protect hard floor surfaces such as marble, granite, terracotta.


* Washing carpets and rugs (all kinds) – we wash your carpets in our own space or at your location. We take most of the carpets to the service where we can thoroughly wash them several times if needed, when dealing with very unclean carpets or stains. The products we use come from the highest quality German manufacturers. Before washing, we beat and brush the carpet, then perform deep vacuuming to draw out all the dust. Cleaning is done using American machines Advanced, Carpetron, Aquaclean, Tempest. We own machinery that we use especially for washing woolen carpets, a cylindrical brush and there is no matting. We wash all kinds of carpets – silk, woolen, shaggy etc. Depending on our estimation we perform gray, semi-gray or water washing. We also use products to remove stains and gum effectively. We also bleach fringes. The carpets are drying in a chamber and before we return them the carpets are packaged in a protective foil. The carpets are clean and dry and back in your home within 2-5 days.

* Polishing your marble, granite, terracotta and ceramic floors. We wash hard floors, marble, granite, terracotta and we use diamond tools with differing granulation until we achieve a mirror-like shine. The price is determined after we examine the state of your floors.
* We wash upholstered furniture – we clean all kinds of upholstered furniture, chairs, mattresses...
In the washing process, we first shampoo everything, then pull out all the dirt and mites from your carpet trough an extraction process. Everything is done using products made by Kärcher and Werner-Mertz.
* Car interior wash – we will clean your car interiors using the best quality shampoo intended for severe soiling. The car will have a pleasant smell after the cleaning. Using special products we clean the armature and plastics which collect the most nicotine and dirt.
* Maintaining the business space – we maintain all kinds of floors in your business space, either periodically or regularly as well as offer general cleaning after construction works (wall painting, building etc.)
* We service carpet and floor washing machines and offer repair and servicing for carpet washing machines (that use brushes or extractors) and washing machines (plug in and battery powered).

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