Carpet cleaning Belgrade

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We are an agency that specializes in cleaning and maintaining business facilities. "Clean Tale" fulfills - as per agreement - all our clients' needs, offering fast, professional and affordable services. Maintaining hygene in small and large business areas demands swiftness and expertise and the most important thing is to save time for the employees and allow them to do their work unhindered. In agreement with companies we can work at the times best suited for them in order to let them complete their daily work and let us be as efficient about our own as possible. We use modern appliances and cleaning solutions. All the chemicals we use are very effective while also eco-friendly and not damaging to health of the employees.

Our affordable services both for general cleaning as well as maintaining business offices include:

Recurring cleaning and maintenance of your business space is performed by extremely professional, hard working maids and it includes:

- Removing cobweb
- Vacuuming of all floor surfaces
- Washing and wiping of all desks and other work surfaces.
- Wiping plugs, power cords, plugins, etc.
- Washing and wiping doors and wooden surfaces
- Washing and wiping closets, shelves and lockers
- Washing, wiping and disinfecting sanitary fascilities (sinks, faucets, toilets, toilet seats, urinals, tiles, mirros...)
- Washing and wiping ceiling lights and all other lighting.
- Moping all hardwood floors and staircases
- Washing and wiping rails
- Washing and wiping of heating and cooling appliances
- Gathering garbage and taking it out.
- Other necessary cleaning tasks
- Machine cleaning, protection and polishing for all kinds of floors.
- Washing stairs and walking surfaces
- Washing all kinds of glass surfaces (removing dirt from both sides regardless of the approachability)
- Machine washing of curtains, meaning removing dust, dirt and scent from curtains. We take them down, wash, iron and reset them. Chemical substances used (detergent and fabric softener) are by trusted local and foreign manufacturers.

If you need any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It's our job to make it clean.