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We are sure that everyone's favorite dishes have roots in their grandmother's cooking.

You are probably already fed up with the hyperproduction of tasteless fast food products, and for a change you want something tasty and homemade, the smell of which you recognize long before you see it.

That's exactly what Bogie's rolls are, which we make using our own inherited grandma's recipe and with lots of love during hand-making, using really high-quality ingredients, without additives and extras.

Bogie's rolls will smell delicious and stay fresh on your table for up to three days, although we believe they will disappear on the first day.

We produce our rolls in over 20 different flavors, savory and sweet, and our most popular flavors are pepperoni, cheese, bacon, jam, chocolate spread, nutella.

You can buy Bogie's rolls in our bakery, at 122 Juzni Boulevard, in Vracar.

If you have a birthday, wedding, baptism or other celebration coming up, all you need to do is to call us the day before and order the desired amount.

We will call you when they are finished and ready for pickup.

You will recognize us by the delicious smell that takes you back to your childhood!




The soul of any good celebration is the food and sharing good tastes with others.

Delight your guests with real homemade rolls, without additives and artificial coloring.

Bogie's rolls are made by hand, with a lot of love and enthusiasm and are waiting for you every day with a big smile.

Bogie's rolls are recognizable by their smell and rich taste, and if you no longer have the opportunity to enjoy your grandmother's rolls, stop by our place.

We receive your orders for birthdays, weddings, baptisms or any other day every day.

It is enough to call us the day before, and your rolls in the selected flavors will be waiting for you to pick up.

Bogie's rolls come in as many as 20 different flavors of both savory and sweet, so we can fill sweet and savory catering with one order.

Prosciutto, pepperoni, cheese, sirloin, as well as jam cream are just some of your favorite flavors.

In addition to homemade rolls, we also offer homemade 'vanilice' cookies, homemade pretzels, manti and homemade wafers, which we make with equal pleasure.

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