Catering Belgrade

Address: 36 General Zdanova st., Avala
Belgrade Phone: 011/390-6877, 063/555-396

4.5/ 5stars

Located at the very top of Belgrade in the bottom of Mt. Avala is the unique Kumbara restaurant, famous for its national specialties. No matter if you start the day with breakfast, drop by for lunch or maybe a romantic dinner, our chefs are always ready to surprise and delight you. Kumbara is the place where the food is good.

Our idea is to give people the joy of food and at the same time more moments to enjoy themselves, their family, friends and business partners. We’d like to enhance your quality of life through the supreme quality of our food and the professional services we provide which takes care of every detail.

Kumbara is currently developing in three equal directions:

  1. A la Carte
    The unique high quality service in the restaurant itself with a tradition for 40 years long.
    Kumbara has a long tradition of producing its own ingredients such as ground beef, sausages and smoked meats. Kumbara also has its own bakery and confectionary shop where our staff lovingly prepares confectionaries and baked delights using old, secret recipes.
  2. Kumbara Catering
    Our idea is to give people the pleasure of enjoying food and at the same time give them moments to enjoy themselves with friends, family or business partners. We wish to enhance the lifestyles and life quality of everyone using the food we prepare and the professional service we provide. Our specialties are ideal for all kinds of celebrations, promotions and other festivities. With our unique design and flavor we make a lasting impression on our guests.
  3. Weddings and celebrations
    Kumbara is not a wedding hall, but a four-star restaurant with a 40 year long tradition.
    So far Kumbara has organized many weddings and wedding receptions and through our experience placed ourselves at the top of the restaurants which provide these services.

Kumbara offers the possibility of organizing celebrations for up to 285 people. We have a large garden where we host weddings and also a large parking lot.