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Working hours

Monday 09:00 - 16:30
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 16:30
Thursday 09:00 - 16:30
Friday 09:00 - 16:30
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 23, 53, 56N, E2

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Useful information


The catering store "Kuhinjica N&A" is located at 102A Blagoja Parovica Street (ground floor near the post office on the corner with Zarkovacka Street), Banovo Brdo, Belgrade

The stire offers daily different takeaway specialties such as:

- dishes cooked 'under the stone' that are different every day
- breakfast (fried crepes, tortillas, various types of pies, sandwiches, salad meal, fresh salads and pickles)
- cookies
- beverages (juices, coffee, tea and lemonade)

Every Wednesday and Friday we also have lent-friendly options.

We regularly publish our daily offer on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, which you can follow.

We serve food in warm and refrigerated display cases.

Food is sold in portions.

You also have the option of complete takeaway food and accessories.

We serve food in high-quality containers that are thermostable.

We provide catering services for your holidays, birthdays, celebrations and buffets.

Delicious menus at reasonable prices and discounts for children, for children's birthdays in playrooms, with delivery and arrangement

An extra offer of various types of food cooked 'under the stone' in the offer, the offer,,Sac na Tac,,.

If you wish, you can schedule a delivery to your home address from our diverse offer.

Order a earthen pot for home delivery.

Schedule your appointment no later than 2 days at tel. 0693325852

**Sach is left whole with all earthen sach pot.

The delivery time and all the details, with your agreement, we also work on weekends.

1.Rolled chicken (260g) with potatoes (250g) for 10 people 7000 din

2. Smoked drumstick b/k (300g) with potatoes (250g) for 10 people 8000 din

3. Home-made sausage (250g) on potato (250g) or pork (250g) for 10 people 6500 din

4. Smoked drumsticks (1-1.2kg) 3 pieces on potatoes (250g) or stew (250g) for 6-8 people 7000 din

5. Pork neck (300g) under the stone on potatoes (250g) or pork (250g) for 10 people 8500 din

6. Marinated pork ribs (350g) or rolled b/k on potatoes (250g) for 10 people 8000 din

7. Carp (350g) on stew (250g) or potatoes (250g) in white wine for 10 people 9500 din

8. Veal ribs with bone (400g) on pork (250g) or potatoes (250g) for 8 people 9000 din

9. Mixed cocktail grill (1 kg of kebab, 1 kg of rolled chicken, 1 kg of sausage, 1 kg of neck) served on potatoes (250 g) for 10 people 8000 din

10. Marinated chicken wings (40 to 45 pieces) on potatoes (250g) under a stone for 10 people 5000 din

11. Lamb (4kg) with bone under the stone on potatoes (250g) for 10 people 12,000 din

12. Baked bream under the stone ~3.5 kg for 10 people 4000 din

13. Baked "podvarak" (traditional Serbian fermented shredded cabagge casserole) lean or fatty on fat ~3.5 kg for 10 people 4000 din

14. Sarma 30 pieces for under 10 people, lean 4000 din, fat 4500 din

15. Potatoes under the stone (3.5 kg) + onion, carrot, garlic, bacon, celery for 10 people 2900 din

16. And something according to your taste and desire under the stone, we are at your disposal.

We also prepare food for companies, workers.

We have a complete offer of meals, and types of payment in cash, cash or transfer to the account.

Visit us and see for yourself our quality.

Best Regards
Nikola Ivanković Kitchen N&A Belgrade-Banovo Brdo