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Chinesse cuisine Belgrade

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Food is not just a daily ritual but is also connected to every pleasant moment of our lives that give us health and fulfillment. 

In China and Japan they give a lot of attention to flavor, aroma and presentation of their meal as well as the preparation. Their cuisine is a journey through sweet and savory sensations with spicy elements who will give you the utmost enjoyment in your meals.

Guided by these ideas, Ping Pong restaurants are dedicated to preparing food using traditional recipes and original spices. We also try to make the meals suitable to our own tastes using flavors that are loved and familiar to our country.

Ping Pong Asian cuisine restaurant is located in two locations in Belgrade - Ping Pong at   31 Kneza Višeslava street in Vidikovac and Ping Pong Pauza at 25 Kneza Milosa street.

You can enjoy your food at our restaurants or order it by phone and we will deliver it to your address.


PING PONG Chinesse cuisine Beograd
PING PONG Chinesse cuisine Beograd
PING PONG Chinesse cuisine Beograd

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