Chinesse cuisine Belgrade

Address: 5 Vase Carapica st., Stari grad // 31g Kneza Viseslava st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/2634-167, 069/2634-167 // 011/3563-742, 061/3563-742

4/ 5stars

Chinese restaurant Ping Pong 011 is located in two addresses in Belgrade. At 5 Vase Carapica street in Stari Grad and at 31g Kneza Viseslava street in Rakovica, Belgrade. With the desire to give you unique flavors and aromas of Chinese cuisine we have gathered in one place the best masters of our trade, the finest Chinese chefs.

Recognisable from the combination of various spices and ingredients, Chinese food very specifically paints a clear picture of Chinese culture and way of life. Wealth of flavors, aromas and colors in one place attracts gourmets from the entire world, willing to try something new and unusual.

As Chinese cuisine became an unavoidable part of Chinese culture its consumption is a means of achieving and maintaining excellent health thanks to which food preparation must have many diverse ingredients.

Seafood, chicken, pork, beef, and the unavoidable rice decorated with lots of veggies and spices give the Chinese food unique flavors and our guests great enjoyment. Sour-sweet-spicy flavors that will tickle your senses will make you fall in love with Chinese cuisine.

It is recognizable for its treats with authentic aromas. We at Ping Pong 011 will delight all gourmands with excellent poached bananas and ice-cream. Flavors and aromas that delight the senses will make you want to share us with your loved ones.

You can enjoy our food at our establishment or order it by phone and have us deliver it.

Best Chinese cuisine specialties.

Excellent service and affodable prices.

Come see us.

Chinese restaurants Ping Pong 011, Vidikovac, Stari Grad.