Computers - Service Belgrade

Address: 488 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/4064-307, 062/895-4461
E-mail: cesservis@sbb.rs

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Laptop and desktop service
Swift and high quality repair services and maintenance for your computer. With every service we also perform complete diagnostics and remove any potential malfunctions.
- Hardware servicing
- Monitor servicing
- Swift diagnostics
- System installation
- Virus cleaning
- Data storing

Selling and purchasing hardware
We repair, sell and service all kinds of computer parts. With us you can find parts for older types of computers at affordable prices.
- Laptop batteries
- Laptop keyboards and pannels
- Purchasing monitors
- Selling used computers

Servicing printers and filling toners
We service and sell printers as well as recycle all kinds of toners and cartriges. At our offer you can find affordable prices for high quality paper.

- Servicing and purchase of printers
- Filling toners and cartriges
- Large selection of toners and cartriges for your printers.