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Address: 231 Jurija Gagarina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/6289-144, 061/2255-544

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Mobile phones service Top Mobilis is located in the shopping center Enjub block 45, in New Belgrade and offers repair services for mobile phone and computers. In our service, you can find a diverse selection of equipment for your mobile phone at the best prices.

With years of experience, our expertise and professional service team will be in the shortest possible time to troubleshoot problems that interfere with the operation of your phone. Our services include:
- Mobile phone service
- Replacing the screen on your mobile
- Replacement of the display on your mobile
- Replacement of the screen touchscreen

Replacing the charging connector (the part that is most damage)
Unlock (price varies by the manufacturer of the device)
Repair of the screen (Samsung, Iphone, LG) course of those models that can be repaired
- Computer service, which includes the following:
1. Lifting system with all supporting programs necessary for operation
2. Cleaning from the virus
3. Upgrading components depending on the capabilities of the device
4. Regular cleaning with replacement of thermal paste to the processor which is necessary once a year
5. Assemble the computer of your choice at prices slightly more favorable than GigaTron and Win wina

The screen on the mobile phone is a very sensitive part of the device and can break or damage in various ways, most often a blow or a fall, and dipped into the water and wetting. In this case, replace the screen on your mobile is essential and our service provides the services of replacement screens at the investor the best prices.

Replacement touchscreen display is a specialty service Top Mobilis. Depending on the model of your phone, it is possible to replace just the glass on a mobile phone, while some models replace touchscreen screen comes with a display. Mobile phones Top Mobilis replaces touchscreen displays and screens on all phone models, the world's leading manufacturers.

In addition to the service of mobile phones and computers, we offer a complete range of equipment for your mobile phone at the best prices. Here you can find a large selection of equipment, such as silicones, gadgets, PVC film, chargers, memory cards, batteries and earphones for your device.