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Belgrade Phone: 065/2162-284
E-mail: koferteatar@yahoo.com
Website: www.koferteatar.webs.com

KOFER TEATAR ANIMATION Creative centers Belgrade
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Entertainers for kids and actors from theater for kids “Kofer Teatar” will make your children's birthday party fabulous, or enrich your promotion, opening your kindergarten, or any other event.

*Kids entertaining on birthday parties (for kids from 3-12 years old): ): Age-appropriate children's program - adventures, costumed animation (Ana Banana, Puss in Boots, Indians, Cowboys, Princesses, Fairy), contests, theme parties, dancing, karaoke ...

*Facepainting: high quality paints for the face, as desired - Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Princesses and Fairies, tiger, lion, butterfly ... All they want!

*Performances for children - for your kindergarten, playroom or birthday celebration: educational and entertaining, filled with humor and music adjusted to children.

More about us and our work can be found on our FB profile:

Pozorište Kofer Teatar http://www.facebook.com/pozoriste.koferteatar