Creative centers Belgrade

Address: 40 Krunska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 060/3456-309
E-mail: centarkucaznanja@gmail.com
Website: www.kucaznanja.rs

4.5/ 5stars

The house of knowledge is the creative center for educating our youngest where we are always organizing various creative-educational contant.

We offer the possibility of stay for kids aged 7-15 years, counseling and learning foreign languages for parents, test preparation, graduations and celebrations of all kinds.

1. Mudre Sove (day stay for kis aged 7-15 years)
2. Budi Vazan (little graduation: preparation, consultation and tests)
3. Roditelji u trendu (counseling and learning foreign languages for parents, information about education innovation)
4. Moj dan (birthday celebration, exhibitions, concerts, book showings...)

40 Krunska street
SO Vracar, Belgrade