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Address: 25 Gospodar Jevremova st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 063/306-248

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Welcome to Mestasce

Mestasce is a part of a family home in the center of the city, wide open for guests big and small, lovers of coffee, good music, children's games, learning and the exchange of creative ideas, promotion of cultural values and arts.

In the complete joinure of modern but warm interior you will feel pleasant, tucked in while you're drinking coffee and reading daily press knowing that your little ones while learning under the watchful eye of our professional staff.

Children's playground as an important element of Mestasce is characterized primarily with happy tones and live colors and is designed to improve children's development since the earliest age. There's a 3D maze with numerous obstacles and trampoline, baby corner with didactic panels, a large wooden dollhouse and kitchen, costumes and masks of the original American brands - KidKraft, PartyCity.

At our playroom you can bring our kid over the whole day and the price per hour is 250rsd. Daily ticket to the playhouse is 500rsd. Within this time the child can use all the existing content of the playhouse.

At the Mestasce you can leave the children while you finish your obligations for up to 4 hours and the price per hours is 450rsd.

Mestasce is open for all celebrations thanks to its multifunctional space which can host a large number of people. For children's birthdays we suggest the optimal number of 40 children and 90 adults.

All celebrations are of closed type.

The terms for birthday celebrations are after 5PM on workdays (18000rsd) and on weekends (20000rsd). At Mestasce we only celebrate one birthday per day so that the beginning can be at the agreed time depending on your need.

We will gladly orgnanize celebrations longer than 2,5hrs.

The price of the birthday incldues:
- Renting the full space (270m2) in three levels
- Decorating space with baloons and wall foils of cartoon heroes (PartyCity Wall decals) as well as designed banners with the name of the child.
- For celebrating the 1st birthday  we have special decoration (PartyCity 1st Birthday decoration)
- The playground for children with all content (3D maze, kitchen and dollhouse, the corner for the youngest, the costumes that the kids can wear)
- Kind and professional staff who take care of your children during the birthday.
- Bartender and waiters in the number dictated by the number of guests.
- Complete utensils for serving food
- Birthday invitations.

The drinks are served from our bar. The prices are adjusted for increased consummation, from average to low.

Food and cake can be provided by you or let us organize everything through our catering associates (Knez Catering, Massimo)

If you have special requests feel free to let us know.

Creative workshops
In Mestasce we pay special attention for children's activity and promoting cultural values and art. Here kids can meet actors who read books to them, painters who make small and large art for them, sculptors who shape their materials and let them learn about artists, art historians and more.

Birthdays are held on workdays 4PM - 5:30PM and on the weekends from 12PM - 1PM

Schedule and program of workshops is WIP and until it's ready you can learn about all our events at our FB page


Mestasce, creative children's workshop and birthday shop
25 Gospodar Jevremova street, 11000 Belgrade
Tel: +381 63 306 248