Dancing schools Belgrade

Address: 6 Ivanovacka st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 069/300-33-78

4.5/ 5stars


Training at our club lets you learn new dance steps, dance, get a feeling for rhythm, improve or maintain your proper posture, be in good shape, meet new people. Dancing itself improves your confidence and relieves stress, melts pounds and activates muscles. When you start dancing you will soon realize how easy and fun dancing can be. You will enjoy the lessons themselves and especially when you get to apply the knowledge you have gained in places like clubs and other places. You will be the people dancing and enjoying themselves rather than just watching others do it.

In order to dance you don't have to have any previous experience. The steps are simple but efficient and look amazing. Dancing is a sport so that after a hip-hop lesson you'll feel like you've had a great workout session.

Enlistment is always ongoing so it's never too late to join us.
If you decide to join us, you can do it right now - no need to wait for the start of the month!
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*First two lessons are free because you have to try it before you know whether you like it.

*The dance school is located in two locations

Vuk's monument (Ivankovacka 6) and New Belgrade (Jurij Gagarin street number 64, block 63 Arena 01)

The trainings are for young and old, children and grownups.

We participate in national, international, European and global competitions!

We offer a special discount for students.

All additional info:
Facebook: Plesna skola Remix dance
New in our offer!

- Private lessons for newly weds, graduates...
- Organizing flash mobs for companies, private parties, celebrations...
- Filming videos and commercials