Defectology Belgrade

Address: 1 Bledska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/4061-626, 069/2508-048, 063/8144-093
E-mail: ordinacija@drselakovic.rs
Website: www.drselakovic.rs

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Specialist Dr Selaković founded in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2010. Its aim is to service in the field of mental health can be subjected to children and adults in one place. We are located in the city center in Knez Milos 19, just minutes from the Republic Square, so it comes easy to us, a number of lines of public transport.

Our team of doctors and staff in the field neuropsihijatarije, speech pathology, psychology, special education is aimed at further education and training in the area, not just treatments, but also in scientific research area. Particular emphasis in our treatments we put on strengthening the link between body and mind, and links between the mental, emotional and physiological processes by means of a biomedical approach.

In order to improve the quality of our service, we have developed cooperation with international experts in the field.

Our mission is to children with disabilities provide an early diagnosis and to appropriate an early intensive treatment that is individualized and tailored to the needs of each child in an environment that is stimulating and in an atmosphere of trust and safety. Our goal is to help your child find its own expression in the world to live their potential and grow happily discovering the wealth of the world and among the many features that will be able to make choices.

Office Dr. Selaković located in Knez Milos 19, third floor.

Phone numbers that you can contact the +381 11 334 05 30 or +381 69 250 80 48

You can also write to us at ordinacija@drselakovic.rs