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Defectology Belgrade

Useful information

The program of our sports association “Somborac 011” enables our members to enjoy sports and recreational activities in the pleasant ambiance of our hall with a team of professionals who always display creativity in working with children. They are dedicated, responsible and take care of the individual abilities, affinities, age appropriate content and the needs of your children. The trainings are led by former representative in karate and today a successful karate coach as well as the graduated defectologist Boris Pozder.

The program includes a karate kindergarten for children aged 3-6 where exercising is a fun physical activity that contributes to developing precision, eye-to-hand coordination, elasticity of the entire body, explosiveness, sense of connection between movement and dance, as well as a creative relationship of the child towards themselves and the world that surrounds them.

There is also our karate school for ages 7-17 where seniors can prepare for competition or practice recreational karate. However, the main principles of karate that were nurtured by ancient Japanese warriors, the samurai, have not lost any of their power. Much more important than the leg and hand strikes, attacking and defense, blocking and grappling are the values that every modern society tries to nurture, which we achieve by practicing karate as a road and an orientation towards:

- confidence
- independence
- respect
- self-control
- decisiveness
- sense for justice
- discipline
- politeness
- concentration
- persistence

We give special attention to working with children with development problems.

In trainings we learn games involving rotation, balance as well as how to properly run, exercise and perform dynamic accommodation. Dynamic accommodation doesn’t develop if the child doesn’t run and overcome obstacles, which is something we do in training. Today, when you throw a ball to most children, around 50 percent of them can’t catch it with both hands, they turn their heads...come to our practice so we can learn to catch the ball properly. All exercises that we perform in trainings influence fine motor-skills with their diversity. The advantages of karate and our training compared to others is that we include thought processes with our need to think and consider every move in advance. Motor skills do mater, but what matters even more is to involve our thinking processes.

Today the children don’t have a sense of rotation, balance, accommodations, fine motor skills and the brain develops by movement.

Every movement matters! Come so we can create and discover new movement!


SOMBORAC 011 Defectology Beograd
SOMBORAC 011 Defectology Beograd
SOMBORAC 011 Defectology Beograd